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Donate to Military Family Resource Centres
Located on CAF Bases across the country, Military Family Resource Centres (MFRC) provide support to the parents or the spouses and children of CAF members. Contributions must be coordinated with the specific MFRC. To locate an MFRC, please click here. 

Why Donate to Military Family Resource Centres?
Militaru Family Resource Centres are committed to enriching the lives of individuals and families in Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) communities through positive action, education and support. They provide relevant programs and services that empower and encourage strong, independent individuals and families within the CAF.

MFRCs encourage and facilitate the voluntary participation of CAF families, particularly spouses, in all facets of their operations – from program planning and delivery to organization governance and leadership.

The engagement and participation of families in activities and decisions that facilitate the well-being of a community lie at the centre of successful community development efforts. They are also at the heart of the Military Family Services Program (MFSP). The model chosen for the delivery of military family services was one of family support and community development.

In Canada, MFRCs are incorporated, not-for-profit, third-party organizations. They work in partnership with the local Commanding Officer (CO), and are governed by elected Boards of Directors.

In Europe and the United States, MFRCs cannot be provincially incorporated with a not-for-profit status and therefore are not third-party organizations. As a result, MFRCs are within the local CAF command structure and report to the delegated CAF authority for the MFSP in theatre. Appointed volunteer Advisory Committees support the local MFRC, but members of the Advisory Committee are not responsible or accountable for governing the organization.

MFRCs deliver the MFSP with the funds received from Military Family Services. In addition to being responsible for the delivery of the MFSP, MFRCs are also responsive and accountable to the communities they serve.