All Ranks Mess

All Ranks Mess


All Ranks Mess - The Iceberg Lounge Welcome to "The Iceberg Lounge"

Conveniently located at Hangar 1, Bldg 107, C.L Dobbin Drive, directly across from 103 Search and Rescue Squadron. The Iceberg Lounge has a seating capacity of 100pp. This is where the well known annual "Screech In" takes place to become an honorary Newfoundlander. For more information on upcoming events, be sure to check out our website calendar, or their Facebook Page: The Iceberg Lounge - 9 Wing All Ranks Mess.

Bar Hours of Operation:
1600 to 1900 hrs

1600 to 1900 hrs
**Dart League starts in September and hours will change from 1900hrs till close.

1500 to 1900 hrs

Contact Us:
For information or inquiries, please contact the Mess Manager.
Mess Manager: Jimmy Parsons 
Phone: 709-256-1703 Ext. 1387