Lending Library

Lending Library


Lending Library

The MFRC maintains a Lending Library with various items provided by the Centre and 9 Wing Gander. These items include baby equipment, toys, books, DVD's and Quality of Life items.

As the MFRC receives no funding for repair/maintenance of these items, it is necessary to charge the user a small fee for this service. It is a pay per usage system.

Baby items and camping equipment have a 1 week rental period rate. All other items have a rental period from Monday to Thursday or Thursday to Monday.

You can contact Kim at the MFRC at 256-1703 loc. 1206 and reserve an item during our regular office hours (M-F, 8:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30)

Borrowing Guidelines:
Items must be returned in the same condition as they were signed out. The loan period is as listed above. Some items may be renewed, for an additional fee, if not requested by another member.

Loss/Damage of Items:
Members are responsible for replacement of a lost or broken item. Please view the item(s) for any broken or missing parts before you sign it out. 
Per Use Rates:
  Play Pen $2.00
  High Chair $2.00
  Bed Rail $2.00
  Portable Highchair $2.00
  Exersaucer Activity  $2.00 
  Baby Gate $2.00
  Infant Swing $2.00
  Jolly Jumper $2.00
  Bouncy Chair $2.00
  Stroller $2.00
  Coleman Lanterns $2.00
  Electric Lawn Mower $5.00
  Tiller/Aerator $5.00
  Lawn Seed Spreader  $5.00
  Propane Stoves (Propane Not Included) $5.00
  Sewing Machine $5.00
  Serger $5.00
  Walking Foot Attachment (For Sewing Machine) $2.00
  Shop Vac $5.00
  Whipper Snipper $2.00
  Steam Cleaner $20.00
  Pressure Washer $5.00
  Air Beds $2.00
  Camping Mattresses  $2.00
  Portable Cooler $5.00
  Portable BBQ $5.00
  VCR to DVD Converter  $5.00
  Slide to Jpeg Converter $5.00
  Roof Rake $2.00
  Chimney Brushes $2.00