PSP Reconditioning Program

PSP Reconditioning Program


To provide consistent and seamless reconditioning programming linking medical rehabilitation and physical fitness (rehabilitation – reconditioning – occupation – lifestyle). The goal is to optimize the functional independence of ill and/or injured military personnel as well as maximize their chances of returning to full and active duties (meeting universality of service).
Reconditioning Specialist

The Reconditioning Specialist (RCS) is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) insured through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. The RCS coordinates and delivers standardized physical fitness programs for CF personnel with functional limitations (emotional or physical) and medical conditions as recommended by Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS). Referrals to the program must be completed by a CAF approved health care professional.

Specific conditions:
Post-op reconditioning                  Musculoskeletal Conditions
Metabolic Disorders                      Pulmonary Disorders
Obesity                                          Lung Disease
Chronic Illness/Pain                      Osteoporosis
Cardiovascular Conditions            Cancer
Disabilities                                     Diabetes
Arthritis                                          Heart/Stroke Conditions

Programs Offered:

  • Individualized Fitness Prescription (safe and effective)
  • Safe/Modified Group PT (group circuit/pool/remedial class)
  • Attendance Tracking/Reporting (gym logbook/self reporting)            
  • Progress Measures (fitness testing linked to limitations)
  • Fitness/Health Education (exercise techniques / theory, Health Promotion courses)
  • Support System (peers and PSP staff)
  • Partnerships - Health Promotion, Health Services

For more information please contact:
Josh Leddicote
Reconditioning Specialist
Tel: 902-765-1494 ext :5651