About Us

14 Wing Greenwood Health Promotion Office

Strengthening the Forces (StF), the CAF's health program, is designed to enable CAF members to increase control over and to improve their overall health and well-being.
Good health is essential to the well being of CAF members and to the operational effectiveness of the CAF. DND is committed to the provision of comprehensive health promotion programming for the CAF.

The Health Promotion Office is located at the 14 Wing Greenwood F&S Centre(bldg #208, Gym).

Health Promotion Manager:
Lisa White
(902) 765-1494 ext. 5389
email: Lisa.White2@forces.gc.ca

Health Promotion Specialist
Ginette Boudreau
(902) 765-1494 ext: 4000
email: Ginette.Boudreau@forces.gc.ca

Health Promotion Administrative Assistant:
Edith Tremblay
(902) 765-1494 ext. 5388
email: EDITH.Tremblay@forces.gc.ca

Our hours of operation are:  Monday to Friday  0800 - 1600 hrs