GMFRC & PSP Mental Health Week 2019

Social Media Q&A

Welcome to the GMFRC and the 14 Wing PSP Mental Health Week Contest page!
From May 6 to 11, we encourage our community members and partners to follow us on social media for a series of trivia questions about mental health. Once a day, you will be given a chance to enter your name to win a series of prizes to help you take care of yourself:
  • A coupon for a FREE GMFRC program
  • A gift certificate for a book/a journal of your choice
  • A gift certificate for a massage at a local business
  • Basket with treats, chocolat and sparkling water
  • Assorted shop local with jam, coffee and candle
  1. What is the theme of the 68th Mental Health Week Campaign?
    1. Answer: #GetLoud
      1. The theme for Mental Health Week, let’s #GetLoud ABOUT WHAT MENTAL HEALTH REALLY IS. We all have a state of mental wellbeing, whether or not we have a mental illness. Every single one of us. We all experiences different states of mental well-being, happiness, sadness, stress, fear, excitement. It is the same as we all have the risk of developing a physical illness like the common cold, or diabetes. When we are feeling mentally unwell, it doesn’t mean you have a mental illness, but it’s okay to talk about it. Let’s #GetLoud and talk about it.
  1. In any given year _____ in 5 people will develop a mental illness?
    1. Answer: 1
      1. 100% of people have mental health, we all have a brain, feelings, thoughts and a mind. Certain life situations, genetics and stressors can increase the risk of 1 in 5 people developing a mental illness. That’s 25% of us! That’s more than people with diabetes, and more than those who will die from a heart attack. It is very likely that a loved one or yourself will develop a mental illness, here are five way to support a loved one with a mental illness.
  • Educate yourself on mental illness
  • Practice patience and maintain realistic expectations. Someone struggling with a mental illness may change from day to day.
  • Listen carefully, without judgements
  • Ask questions and talk about how they are feeling, check in with them regularly.
  • Talk about treatment options and support their decisions to seek treatment or not.
  • Bonus: Set boundaries. Know when you can’t support someone in order to take care of yourself. This one isn’t always easy, but you can’t pour from an empty cup.
  1. True or False? Mental illness can affect anyone of any race, gender, culture, socioeconomic status or religion?
    1. Answer: True
      1. As stated previously, there is a high risk of anyone developing a mental illness, and mental illness doesn’t care where you come from, how you live, or how much money you make. That being said, there isn’t a one size fits all for taking care of our mental health, but self-care is a practice for all. Here are five easy ways to take care of your mental health
  • Schedule “me time” daily. This can be anything from a bath, or simply sitting in the dark for five minutes. Anything to allow yourself to check in with yourself on how you are doing each day.
  • Ask for, and offer help to others.
  • Exercise! Take the stairs, go for a little longer walk with the dog, combine the exercise and the ‘me time’ for a double healthy habit!
  • Notice your strengths today. Did you shower? Drink some water? Nail a report or meeting? Focus on what you did for yourself to reach your mental wellness goals.
  • Talk about it! Talk with your loved ones or friends about how you’re feeling, ask how others are feeling. The more we talk about mental health, the more we break down the stigma. 
  1. What are services available to military members’ family for supporting mental wellness at the 14 Wing?
    1. Answers: MFRC, Wing Mental Health, Health Promotion, Padres, CFMAP, Family Information Line
      1. It is essential that within our community, we work together to eliminate stigma, and increase services for those impacted by a mental illness. There is help available for specialized services for our military community for example, the FLC and the PSI are available at the Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre. Health promotion offers group and individual sessions on mental wellness for military members and their families. CFMAP and the Family Information Line offer 24/7 bilingual services over the phone is also another example of services available for our community.
  1. What are the ways you can today to action to end the stigma around mental illness?
    1. Answers: talk about it, educate myself and others, listen and ask questions, be kind to others, promote mental wellness, etc.
      1. Stigma is the leading barrier for people to receive treatment for mental illness. Action needs to be taken to end this stigma. Continue the conversations, and be kind to others. Mental illness is invisible we do not know if someone is suffering. When talking about taking care of your mental health, advocate for better services within your workplace. Take a stand, and speak up for those who need it most!