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The ABCs of Military Postings

Postings on a normal day are stressful for families, add a global pandemic to that mix and stress levels are sure to spike! In times like these it’s important to remember what aspects are within your control. While postings may be on a temporary hold, some of you know you will be leaving Greenwood to begin a new chapter in your family’s adventure. Some of us are fortunate to be able to work from home and it is during this time where we need to make the best of it and begin prepping for our move. A most valuable tool to help you prepare for your posting is The ABCs of Military Postings, created by the Office of the National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman. This three-part process was created to help you before, during, and after your posting:

A. Before: You're anticipating a posting message, here are some tools, resources, and information to help you prep for your posting such as updating your budget, education resources and schools for your child(ren), Military Family Resource Centres, employment opportunities for your spouse, and access to family medical care in your new community.

B. During: You've now received your posting instruction, time to check out  your geographical boundaries, selling your current home and buying your new home, any benefits pertaining to your move, and the Canadian Forces Housing Agency if you wish to reside in a residential housing unit (RHU).

C. After: You and your family moved, it is now time to get your important documents in order, sort any unclaimed costs incurred during your move, and to take the time to acquaint yourself with your new community.

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