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Casual Childcare Centre (GMFRC)

The Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre (GMFRC) Casual Childcare Centre offers a licensed Casual Childcare Program to all Defence Team children, including military, reservist, veteran, DND employee, and RCMP families. Our focus is to develop an environment in which children of defence team families are respected, accepted, and allowed to develop their potential for growth.

All Military Family Resource Centre’s (MFRC) are mandated by Military Family Services (MFS) to ensure casual childcare is available on site, near the Wing. The Greenwood MFRC is fortunate to be able to provide Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm casual childcare.

This service is not meant to replace your full time childcare service. Parents have the flexibility to book only the time they require. Casual also means that if your primary childcare provider is not available, we can offer a backup plan. You don’t have a primary childcare plan or an emergency plan in place? This is a conversation you need to have with our Child and Youth Coordinator.
Our facility is licensed for 25 spaces, 8 infant (3 to 18 months) and 17 multi-age spaces (18 months to 12 years).
Casual Childcare Centre and Preschool Programs Parent Handbook
Casual Childcare Centre and Preschool Programs Registration Booklet​

Our menus and meals are nutritionally balanced and based on the Manual for Food and Nutrition in Regulated Childcare Settings of Government of Nova Scotia. Our menus are on a four week rotational bases. Meals and snacks are “family style” where children are encouraged to try food and self-help skills are practiced. The daily menu meets the 1/3 of the daily requirements as set out by the Canada’s Food Guide. All children in the program are during snack and meal times will be served. The snacks/meals menu is posted on a parent information television placed in front of the entrance of the Childcare centre.
Our Casual Childcare Centre and the GMFRC is a nut sensitive facility. 

Infant program (3 to 18 months): $35.00 per day, $20.00 per ½ day
Multi-age (18 months to 12 years): $27.00 per day, $15.00 per ½ day

You can benefit from a family discount for two or more children in the same family of $5.00 off the full day rate. The payment is due the day the service is provided. Payments can be made in cash, debit, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and receipts will be issued at time of payment. These receipts are for tax purposes; please keep them for your records.
Our centre accepts bookings up to one calendar month in advance. Bookings can be taken the day of, or week of, depending on availability. Space is limited and once licensed capacity is reached, the centre is unable to take any more bookings.
To reserve a childcare space for the next month, you need to call on the 3rd Monday of the month to book for the next calendar month. Because of the popularity of the service, spaces can fill up quickly. We recommend that parents follow our social media pages, and our mobile App, to stay in touch with the booking date each month.

The morning of bookings, please call the Childcare Centre at 902-765-1494 local 1818 for infant and local 1817 for multiage starting at 8 a.m. Please leave a detailed message with the name of your child, age, the time and dates you would like to book and a phone number to be reached at. The voicemail system will record the exact time that you called. Booking messages left before 8 a.m. will not be considered. You will receive a call from a staff member to confirm the time and dates that were booked for your child.
Parents are encouraged to bring children in for an introductory visit prior to their first booking. You can stop by at any time to have a tour of the Centre and of our Childcare service.

For licensing and for safety reasons, guardians or parents must complete the registration package prior to their child starting in our childcare centre. If our registration package is not completed, your child will not be able to attend childcare. If your child has not attended the centre in the last six months, or more, you will be required to fill out new paperwork, according to Nova Scotia Licensing requirements.
The Casual Childcare Centre will remain open all year, including throughout the summer months. As much as possible, the Centre will advertise a closure weeks in advance on its social media platforms and at the Childcare Centre.
Please be aware that this is Casual Childcare, and the program can be subject to unforeseen closures. When local schools are closed due to inclement weather, our Casual Childcare and Preschool Programs will also be closed. When Kings County schools are closed, the GMFRC Casual Childcare and the Preschool Programs are also closed.


All our Early Childhood Educators hold a classification level designated by the Early Learning Years Branch of the Government of Nova Scotia. Each educator is required to maintain their classification through ongoing professional development, maintaining a current first aid/CPR certificate, Child Abuse Registry, and Criminal Record Check.
Our Casual Childcare Centre is always looking for On Call Casual Early Childhood Educators. Want to join the team? Send us an email:
Ratios of staff to children are dictated by provincial licensing and depends upon the age of the children in the room. In our infant room, the ratio is 1 staff person to every 4 infants. In our multi-age room, the ratio is 1 staff person to every 6 children.
The GMFRC Casual Childcare Centre is an inclusive centre. Our aim is to provide an environment which is free from bias and prejudice, where children and families are celebrated for their uniqueness and where differences are valued and celebrated. We support the families and child’s right to access an inclusive program within their community.
Our Educators see all children as curious, creative, confident and full of potential. Our programming is based on the image of the child; we value all children’s families, culture, and the communities influence on, and contributions to, children’s learning and development. We value and honour children for who they are today, and for who they will become. We value how all children’s families, cultures, and communities influence and contribute to children’s learning and development. Source: Nova Scotia’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework

Our programming reflects the interests of the children and develops over time. The Nova Scotia’s New Early Learning Curriculum Framework Document is our guiding document.
What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters is a province-wide assessment program that will be used to determine eligibility for funding for licensed child care centres. The purpose of Quality Matters is to ensure that eligibility to receive provincial funding for licensed child care centres is directly linked to meeting specific outcomes. High quality early learning programs are the foundation of successful lifelong learning, development and well-being. Source: Nova Scotia’s Early Years Branch

For all inquiries, please contact the GMFRC front desk at 902-765-5611 or, contact our Childcare Programs Director at 902-795-1494 local 5053.