Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care


Emergency Childcare

Join our Executive Director, Margaret Reid, and our Programs Manager, Kim Dixon, as they discuss the importance of emergency childcare planning for military families and GMFRC Emergency Childcare services during COVID-19 restrictions.
To discuss any of this information further please get in touch with our Coordinator of Child and Youth Services at gmfrcchildyouth@gmail.com.

The modern military family faces challenges that may not be found in many other home or work environments. CAF members may work a more diverse schedule; typically longer than the normal eight hour day. Frequent relocations and deployments are a reality for many CAF families causing disruptions to the home and routine.

The Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre (GMFRC) Emergency Child Care Service provides families with support by facilitating their short term emergency childcare requirements. The resilience of the CAF family is enriched through support during the uniquely challenging conditions of the modern military family life as it relates to child care.
This service exists to supplement, not replace, the childcare plans which CAF members are required to have implemented prior to a deployment.

CAF members should complete an Emergency Childcare Plan and file it with the GMFRC. Members are responsible for ensuring they have an emergency childcare plan in place to accommodate deployments/emergencies. These plans are valuable tools in preventing possible caregiver emergencies and reducing stress that may occur in the event your usual childcare arrangements fail. If your current childcare arrangement is not working and you need to establish a new childcare plan - we can help! 

For Emergency Childcare requests during working hours, or for more information on this service, please contact the Coordinator of Children and Youth Services at 902-765-1494, local 1812. For Emergency Childcare requests outside working hours, please contact Wing Operations at 902-765-1494 local 5457.