F&S Centre COVID-19 Response Plan

F&S Centre COVID-19 Response Plan

F&S Centre COVID-19 Response Plan

In accordance with the provincial guidelines and with the approval of the Commanding Officer of 14 Wing Greenwood the F&S Centre opened on 8 July 2020.  As a part of re-opening our facility there has been several changes to our facility layout and our admission practices.  Please take a moment to review the details below before scheduling your next visit to the F&S Centre.

In Phase 4 gyms are permitted to open at maximum capacity with physical distancing and all other health measures including masking.  To maintain physical distancing in all areas reservations of workout spots will continue at this time.

If you have any questions regarding the details below, please contact the Fitness Centre at 902-765-1494 ext 5997 or 5022 during facility hours.

What are the Facility Hours?  Currently we are open from 0600 to 1930 Monday to Thursday, 0600 to 1730 Fridays, 0800 to 1330 Saturdays and 1000 to 1530 Sundays.  Please visit the 14 Wing Greenwood PSP Facebook page Fitness Centre's on a regular basis to get updates regarding facility hours.

Who can Access the Facility?  The facility is open only for actively serving Military members, RCMP, Regular, Ordinary and Associate Rec Card holders.  At this time no drop-in users are permitted.

How do I Access the Facility?  In order to comply with the provincial re-opening guidelines, occupancy limits have been imposed on the various areas within 14 Wing Greenwood Fitness & Sports Centre.  In order to facilitate these occupancy limits 14 Wing Greenwood Fitness & Sports Centre has adopted a reservation system.  See "Make a Reservation" page.  Note that weight and cardio reservations are for a maximum of 90 mins and tied to a specifc location in the facility -- weight equipment or cardio equipment.  For information on pool bookings see the "Indoor Pool" page.

What Equipment is Available? Several areas of 14 Wing Fitness & Sports Centre remain closed and will open at a later date.  Those areas that are open will have substantial changes in layout.  These changes are done to accomodate physical distancing and the provincial government's re-opening guidelines. 

Weight equipment and cardio equipment are available in the weight and cardio room, gymnasium and track.  Squash Courts are available to books as well.  At this time the multi-purpose room, track for running and walking and spin room remain closed.  

How should I Prepare for my visit to the 14 Wing Greenwood Fitness & Sports Centre? If you have already made a reservation, then you are off to a good start.  We ask that all patrons intending to use the gym come already dressed for their individual exercise plans.  Locker rooms are available but your 1.5 hour workout time includes change time before and after.  All our water fountains will be only be available to fill bottles and not drink directly from.  Please bring your own water bottle.  Masks are mandatory in the facility except when performing your workout.  When moving from equipment to equipment or moving around in the common areas, masks must be worn.  Please bring your own personal equipment wherever practical as weight belts and squat collars are not available for use.  Gym bags must still be kept in the locker rooms.  Patrons should bring their Military ID card or Membership Card as the facility is 100% Identification Verification.

What Can I Expect Upon Arrival? All patrons will be required to wait outside the main entrance upon arrival and wait until the start of the reserved workout timing.  Once in the foyer you will be required to sanitize your hands prior to entering the main area.  Inside you will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire and have your temperature checked each time you come to the facility.  A further staff member at the front desk will check you in to ensure you are booked in.  Reservations are specific to a person and particular location in the facility and in-order to comply with occupancy limits no patrons without reservations will be permitted to enter the facility.

There will be signage clearly indicating the lines for facility users and physical distancing aids marked on the ground.  Please follow the instructions on the signs and the aids on the ground.  Our main entrance has been clearly divided marked as to be used for entrance only.  To exit the building other than in cases of an emergency follow the markers on the floor to exit by the men's changeroom.

Patrons should bring their Military ID card or Membership Card.

What are the Expectations while I am in the Facility?  Physical distancing is expected of all patrons.  Regardless of "family", "cohort", or "bubble" all patrons are expected to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres.  Signage has been place around the facility to remind patrons of the importance of physical distancing.   Directional markings have been placed on the floor to facilitate flow and physical distancing.  Our staff will be supervising the various areas of our facility and reminding patrons of the importance of physical distancing.  Patrons failing to respect physical distancing guidelines will be asked to leave the facility.

Where possible we have left interior doors open.  Please do not close them.  Please do not use any area or piece of equipment marked as closed.  All patrons are required to wipe down all weight equipment after use with the disinfectant supplies provided and where displayed after you use a piece of equipment turn the "thumbs up" to "thumbs down".  This will show the machine needs to be disinfected by staff.  Masks are required in all areas of the facility including change rooms except when conducting your workout and showering.  The Men's and Women's washrooms in the main area are available for toileting purposes use only.  Do not change in the these washrooms.  Locker rooms with daily lockers are available for use respecting physical distancing guidelines.  Locks are to be removed after your workout upon exiting the facility.

At all times, patrons are expected to follow the instructions of Fitness Centre staff.  All staff will be properly uniformed and easily identifiable.

What Kind of Cleaning Protocols Does the Fitness Centre Have in Place?  All patrons are required to wipe down all weight equipment and machines after use with the disinfectant supplies provided.  For cardio equipment turn the "thumbs up" to "thumbs down".  Each area within the facility (weight room, cardio room, track, gymnasium, etc...) will be closed once every hour and half throughout the day for thirty minutes for equipment to be cleaned and disinfected by facility staff.  Our cleaning staff will continue to clean common areas on a regular basis.

What Do I Do if I Have Questions?  Any questions or requests for additional information should be done by messaging us on our 14 Wing Greenwood PSP Facebook page.  We will respond to most inquiries within 48hrs.  If the matter is urgent or require immediate assistance, please call 902-765-1494 x 5997 or 5022 during facility hours.