Benefits of Having a 14 Wing Recreation Card
  1. Access to the Fitness & Sports Centre
  2. Qualify for Recreational and special intererest club memberships
  3. Discount on swimming lessons
  4. Outdoor Pool access in the summer months
  5. Bowling discounts
  6. Free Fitness classes
  7. Discount on After School Programming
  8. Free Youth Membership for Community Recreation Programming   

Rec Card Memberships can be purchased at the Fitness & Sports Centre,
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
(temporary passes can also be purchased at the Community Centre)


Family $480/yr
Single $240/yr
One Activity Adult $74/yr
One Activity Youth Sport $38/yr

Family $274/yr
Single $138/yr
One Activity Adult/Youth Sport $32/yr
F&S Centre Pass available only for a Full time DND/NPF Staff
(Single Membership)

Family $15.50/ month ($186/yr)
Single $7.75/month ($93/ yr)
One Activity Adult/Youth $32/yr

Temporary One Month Pass
Family $80/month
Single $40/month


Associate Members
Members of the Public at large under invitation

Ordinary Members
1.  Public Servants including Casual Employees and Civilian employees under full time contract to DND families
2.  Former civilian employees of DND in receipt of a pension on behalf of their DND service and their families
3.  Members of the RCMP, Canadian Corps of Commissionaires or other Security Forces residing or employed on base and their families

1.  Members of the Regular Forces and their families
2.  Foreign Military Personnel on duty with the CF and their families
3.  Member of the Reserve Force and their families
4.  Veterans (former members of the CAF who have successfully completed Basic Military Training and have been honourably discharged and their families

  • One activity passes do not include general use of the F&S Centre 
  • One activity passes must be renewed upon registration for that activity each year
  • Ordinary and Associate memberships are subject to the approval of the Wing Commander.  
  • Ordianry and Associate Memberships shall be a maximum of one year with no guarentee of renewal for further one year terms

Click here to print Membership form 
Fill out and bring into Community Recreation Office to purchase your membership.