Lake Pleasant Campground
Due to the current COVID-19 situation there may be some restrictions in place.

Lake Pleasant Campground

Please see below for communications from our Wing Commander regarding access to the Campground:
“At the recent Town Hall the Wing Commander promised to provide an update on the status of the opening of Lake Pleasant within a week. The Wing Commander was in the final stages of reviewing guidelines for reopening when the Premier announced the province-wide lock down, restricting travel and activities in Nova Scotia. While the Wing did intend to open the site as early as this weekend for limited activities, the provincial restrictions will no longer permit this. Specifically, the province has mandated that all Nova Scotians remain in their local community, defined as the municipality in which they live.  Meaning only those living in Annapolis county could be permitted access to the site.  However, all non-essential travel and activities were also restricted, and in consultation with the province it is clear that opening up of Lake Pleasant is not considered essential.  As a result, based on these restrictions the only practical way forward will be to close Lake Pleasant to all users until the end of the current lock down period. We will have the Camp Manager periodically on site to conduct walk-arounds to ensure security of the site and your effects.  In exceptional circumstances we will consider special requests for access during the lock down period, but these must be limited to truly essential activities with the Camp Manager exercising discretion in this regard. (for instance if the Camp Manager determines you site or effects are at some risk and require your immediate attention).
We will continue to progress towards establishing the schedule for inspections and electrical work, and we will keep you updated on these developments. But we can expect some delays in putting these in place due to the current lock down. This said, as the Wing Commander expressed at the Town Hall we will continue to work with you to ensure a rapid and safe opening of the Camp. It is our intention to still open the Camp in advance of the May long weekend for overnight stays and thus we will remain flexible on what immediate actions we must take to render the site safe for your use. 
I know this is a stressful time for all concerned and that Lake Pleasant is your place to relax and recover. Just as soon as the provincial restrictions allow the Camp to open we will take action to open it for you. Rest assured, we are working diligently to work through these challenges and that the changes we are embarking on at Lake Pleasant will allow the site to function for years to come. This will be a team effort and we will all need to work together to resolve these issues. We remain open to discussing and adjusting the way ahead. So we look forward to working with your Executive Committee who will advise us of your needs and concerns, and I hope will propose solutions we can all work towards.
Thanks for your continued patience.”

Wing Commanders Lake Pleasant Campground Townhall
April 20, 6 p.m. Annapolis Mess

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