Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

The indoor pool will close the end of July 2021 for annual maintenance. See Outdoor Pool under Swimming Pool tab for information on swims at the outdoor pool.

Indoor Pool

The indoor pool is currently open to Military lane swims only by reservation only.  See "Make a Reservation" page for details on how to make an account and book your spot for lane swims and aquacise.

See Outdoor Pool page and attached schedule

Military Lane Swims
Tuesdsay and Thursday                        1200 to 1300 (last indoor swim 29 Jul 2021)

Adult Lane Swims (18 years of age and older)
See Outdoor Pool page and attached schedule

Casual Swims
See Outdoor Pool page and attached schedule

Parent & Tots (Sept - June program)
No Parents & Tots summer programming

Arrival at the facility

  • You are required to sanitize your hands prior to entry at the hand sanitizer station.
  • DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY – Arrive at the start of the pool timing as you will not be granted access to the facility prior to that time.
  • Before you arrive we recommend that you come changed in your swimming attire to reduce time in the changing room. Make sure to have your change of clothes.
  • Every time you enter the facility you will be required to complete a Health Care Questionnaire and Temperature Check.
  • After the pre-screening is completed report to the Front Desk to verify your work out reservation.
  • Masks are required to enter the facility, in the change rooms and on the pool deck.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules regarding social distancing and movement via the arrows on display throughout the facility.

Change Room Policies

  • Masks must be worn in the change rooms (except to shower) and to the pool deck.
  • Masks must be removed once you make your way to the water. Bring a plastic baggie or container to store them in.
  • The Family Room is for ONE family (maximum 5) at a time. The male and female change rooms can be used for young children.
  • Locker space is limited so bring only items that you require.
  • Showers are mandatory prior to entering the pool.
  • At the end of the swim time swimmers have 15 minutes to shower, change and exit the facility.
  • No blow dryers are permitted to be used in the change rooms at this time.
  • Users must spray their locker and bench used with disinfectant spray provided after use.

Exiting the Facility

•  Exiting through the front doors is permitted only in case of emergencies.
•  The exit doors located by the Men’s change room is to be used at all other times.