Entrepreneur Club

Entrepreneur Club


The Entrepreneur Club provides an opportunity for military family members, CAF members and Veterans to expand their network of contacts, further develop business skills, benefit from a peer group experience and access useful information, advice and markets. An annual fee of $24, gives members:

  • Free business listings on our website;
  • Peer mentorship/coaching;
  • Professional Development workshops, seminars and keynote speakers;
  • Referral opportunities;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Attendance at events; and
  • An understanding of military life, family commitments and business demands.

Monthly meetings on topical business issues that promote growth and encourage a friendly, social gathering of business people willing to share experiences and knowledge. Professional development sessions will focus on: taxes, website editing & SEO, business planning, effective business communication, marketing, accounting, and mobility of businesses.

If interested, we encourage you to check out one of our monthly meetings and connect with fellow business people in the community. To become a member of the Entrepreneur Club, please complete the Membership Form.