Gym Activity Pass (GAP)

Gym Activity Pass (GAP)

What is a Gym Activity Pass?

A Gym Activity Pass (GAP) can be purchased at any of our 3 Fitness Sports and Recreation Centres. Though special rates apply to military members, their families and DND civilian employees, anyone may purchase a GAP. Memberships include access to the following facilities:

Full access to both Fitness, Sports and Recreation Centers, as well as Public Swims, Public Skating and Macdonald Beach
*Applies to both Fleet and Shearwater facilities for members with a valid Military ID
*Applies ONLY to Shearwater facility for members without a Military ID

For pricing, first determine which category you fall under, then check out the chart below!

GAP Categories:

  • Canadian Forces Members
  • Currently serving Regular and Reserve Force personnel
  • Members and family members of the Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF
  • Veterans and Retired former members of the CAF who have successfully completed basic training and been honorably discharged)
  • Current DND & NPF, MFRC, DRDC, DCC and their families  
  • Serving RCMP and their families
  • Former RCMP in receipt of an annuity
  • Former NPF & DND employees receiving an annuity and their families
  • Sponsorship Partners
  • General Public

GAP Pricing: 

*All Prices include 15% HST
 I am looking for a membership for myself...
12 months $0.00 $158.00 $429.00
6 months $0.00 $92.00 $251.00
3 months $0.00 $53.00 $149.00
1 month $0.00 $22.00 $61.00
 I am looking for a membership for 1 other co-dependant (i.e.  spouse)..
12 months $158.00 N/A  N/A 
6 months  $92.00
3 months $53.00
1 month $22.00
 I am looking for a membership for my family...
12 months $317.00 $385.00 $721.00
6 months $185.00 $220.00 $422.00
3 months $106.00 $132.00 $251.00
1 month $55.00 $55.00 $99.00

Drop-In Pricing:

*All Prices include 15% HST
Gym Gym Family Pool/Arena Pool/Arena
$6.00 $15.00 $4.00 $10.00

Locker Rental Pricing:

*All Prices include 15% HST

Lockers are available for rent at any of our 3 facilities for $104.00 per year

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact us at any of our 3 facilities:
Stadacona: (902) 721-6576  |  Fleet: (902) 427-3524  |  Shearwater: (902) 720-1071


1. Sponsorship applicants must contact Missy Sonier (902)721-6504 for application.  Final approval given by BFSD (721-5758).
2. General public must have a full time serving Military, DND or NPF employee as a sponsor, who must sign an application form when applying.  Sponsoring members must be located in the Halifax area.  No charge for children 5 years and under as of 1 Jan 12.

3. Guests using facilities as a drop in must be signed in by military member or GAP holder. Maximum of three guests. DND and NPF employees are welcome to pay a drop in fee at any time with a DND ID. Must be 12 yrs of age or older to sponsor a guest(s). Members sponsoring guests into the facility must remain in the facility while their guest is in the facility.
4. Cancelled Pass: Reimbursement of GAP will be granted only to spouses and dependants of military members when the member is posted.  Reimbursement will be granted two weeks prior to the member's departure. Under normal circumstances NO reimbursement for GAP will be granted for Cats II, III or IV. with extenuating circumstances must be approved by the FFSD.
5. Cat IV Are not permitted to use the facility between the hours of 1130-1300 Mon-Fri.