Military Historical Re-Enactment Club

Military Historical Re-Enactment Club


Have you ever thought to yourself “It’d be really fun to put on some armour and hit people with swords, axes, maces, spears, maybe an arrow or trebuchet but anything really”? Well look no further. The Military Historical Re-Enactment Club is here to satisfy all of your medieval needs. The club gets together every Monday night at the Piers Morgan Community Centre (MFRC) in Windsor Park from 6-9 PM. On a typical night you can expect to see fully Armoured Fighters practicing their craft, Fencers locked in dance stabbing away at each other as well as the students of Arts and Sciences working away on medieval projects such as calligraphy, sewing, making authentic scrolls and all sorts of other fun such as armour crafting (chainmail/leatherwork for example), historical cooking/brewing and so on.
“That all sounds so awesome, what do I need to know and what should I expect?” Well to start, come on out. There’s no membership fees and seeing what we do in person is always an interesting time. If you’d like to try out the medieval combat such as either Heavy Fighting or Fencing however, you’ll need to bring your own groin protection (a jock for men, a jill for women). We have a locker full of loaner gear for new comers to use until they finish their own kit!
Every Monday Nights 6-9pm
Cost: Free

So come on out, we’d love to have you!


MS Ian Pratt (902 721 6877)                        
Lt. Amy Thomas (902 427 0276)
MS John Anderson (902 427 3614)  
April Beaudion                                                                       
Stephane Colin (902 465 5775)