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Veterans Affairs Canada
The following links will guide you to services presently available with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). If you currently do not have a file with VAC but you think you might be eligible for some of the services they offer contact them at 1-866-522-2122. My VAC Account is a simple and secure way to do business online with Veterans Affairs Canada. VAC has a range of mental health services and benefits for veterans, current members of the CAF and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and their families:
  • Crisis and Referral Centre line (1-800-268-7708). A 24-hour toll-free help line that can provide Veterans and their families with short-term professional counselling and referral services, including support for mental and emotional health concerns;
  • Wellness Kit series of mental health fact sheets
  • Information on PTSD, including PTSD and the Family for Parents with Young Children, PTSD and War Related Stress, Learn about PTSD and Understanding PTSD Treatment; and
  • Fact sheets on depression, anxiety and more.
Transition Interview
Helping you transition from military to civilian life smoothly is a VAC priority. Client service teams are available across the country to help identify needs. The VAC client service team will lead you through a transition interview process to meet those needs.

Career Transition Services
Veterans and survivors can get help finding civilian employment through VAC Career Transition Services program. VAC will reimburse eligible Veterans and survivors for these services, up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 (including taxes).

Hire a Veteran
VAC has developed a comprehensive employment strategy to support Veterans who are searching for employment opportunities in the public or private sector.

Rehabilitation Program
VAC’s Rehabilitation Program provides medical, psycho-social and vocational rehabilitation and vocational assistance services and benefits to eligible Veterans and their families to assist them in their re-establishment in civilian life.

Mental Health Services and Benefits
If you have an OSI, there are a number of VAC services and benefits that may also be available to you, such as disability benefits, rehabilitation services and treatment benefits. In addition, Veterans living with complex mental health conditions will usually have access to a VAC case manager.

Recognition for Services-Related Injury/Illness
This policy describes the eligibility criteria that must be satisfied in order for a Veteran, survivor or orphan to receive the Canadian Forces Income Support (CFIS) benefit.

Financial Benefits
If you have questions pertaining to benefits and entitlements please contact VAC at 1-866-522-2122.

The Royal Canadian Legion Service Officers
The Royal Canadian Legion’s Service Bureau Network of professional Service Officers assists and represents still serving CAF members, Veterans, RCMP Members and their families at all stages of the disability claims process with VAC (VAC; from the First Application up to and including a Request for Reconsideration with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB)). Service Officers also provide professional counselling, advice and assistance in accessing other programs and benefits available to Veterans from VAC.

Post-Release SISIP Coverage
SISP Financial Services – Financial Counselling service is offered exclusively to serving and former members of the CAF and their spouses and provides tailored financial advice and investment products, on a broad range or personal financial planning issues, based on each client’s situation. SISIP Financial also offers optional life insurance at competitive rates. Manulife Financial is the insurer of all these insurance plans. Based on a detailed Insurance Needs Analysis (INA), SISIP licensed insurance representatives, who are paid no commission, can determine client’s very specific insurance requirements.

Operational Stress Injuries and Their Impact
An Operational Stress Injury (OSI) can be a mental or physical injury that occurred during the member’s service with the CAF. An OSI is best described as any persistent psychological difficulty resulting from operational duties performed. An OSI includes any diagnosed mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as other conditions. This Mental Health Continuum can help explain how individuals may be coping mentally. The continuum describes the spectrum of health concerns, be they mental or physical that may impact releasing members and their caregivers. Please remember that every situation differs and each member/caregiver will move along this continuum at a different pace. The movement in both directions along the continuum indicates that there is always the possibility for a return to complete health and functioning.

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada
VETS Canada is a volunteer-led, apolitical, nonprofit corporation based in Nova Scotia. We aim to provide aid and comfort to Canadian veterans that are in-crisis, are at risk of becoming homeless, or are homeless.