One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training


Did you know that CFB Halifax and 12 Wing Shearwater military members now have access to personal, online coaching with your local PSP Staff?

JOIN TODAY to receive FREE personalized workouts with a highly qualified Fitness and Sports Instructor.  Military Only.


• Every member will be sent a Survey Monkey link to pre-screen into
the physical programming (personal email address will be required)

• The member downloads the True Coach app or accesses the site
through Google Chrome on their phone, tablet or laptop.

• Members will be assigned a trainer for one-on-one coaching with a
PSP Fitness and Sports Instructor (FSI)

• FSI’s will initiate contact with the member and assign a daily fitness
program to follow

• Fitness programs will be tailored to their home environment and the
physical capabilities of the member.

• Members can video their workouts/sets to send to their FSI for review

• FSI’s will provide daily check-ins and communication including coaching
on progressions, goals and technique with each member.

Email for sign up information and complete details.