Red Cross Swim Program

Red Cross Swim Program

The Red Cross Swim Program offers lessons to swimmers of every age level from preschool to adult and varies in how it evaluates the participant’s progress. In the Preschool program, participants in the lower levels will progress through the levels based on participation and age. Participants in the upper levels will progress based on their skills.

Available Courses/Levels

For more information on what is learned at each level, please see the full Red Cross Swim Program Descriptions here

Program Schedule

Stadacona Fitness, Sports and Recreation Centre (STADPLEX)
  • Saturday Lessons:  April 8 - May 27 (8 sessions)

Shearwater Fitness, Sports and Recreation Centre
  • Saturday Lessons: April 8 - June 3 (8 sessions)
  • Sunday Lessons:  April 9 - June 11 (8 sessions)
  • Wednesday Lessons:  April 12 - May 31 (8 sessions)

For a full list of lesson times, click here


 To register, click here or contact 902-720-1777

  • Military
    • $55.00 + HST
  • DND/Full Time NPF
    • $60.00 + HST
  • Civilian
    • $75.00 + HST

Contact Us:  

For more information, please call 902-720-1777