Military Historical Re-enactors Club (MHRC)

About Us: 

The MHRC operates at the Piers Community Centre in Windsor Park. Club members are dedicated to the re-creation of various aspects of historical re-enactment. Club members can work to rediscover the many periods in history from the Medieval Ages to the Victorian. This club re-creates the dress, culture, mannerisms and pastimes of various historical periods.

At these gatherings we have 16th century Rapier style Fencing (SCA) and Heavy Armoured fighting (SCA). These sports are supervised by qualified instructors (Marshals).

For those who are interested in the medieval arts such as chainmail, armouring, costuming, cooking to name a few, we always have folks that will make it a pleasure to instruct these arts to all interested. As our name indicates, we do not only restrict ourselves to the medieval era but have now expanded to Victorian, 18th century and beyond. 

The club meets on Monday nights 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Contact Us: 

Pierre Longtin