2018 Finisher Medals

2018 Finisher Medals A tribute to Stadplex Gym

After 75 years providing fitness, sports and recreation programs for CAF members and the community, the Stadacona Fitness and Sports Center (Stadplex) will be closing this October.  (full details can be found by clicking here).

Unfortunately, further renovations are no longer economically feasible and it has been decided to demolish the building in 2019.  The Stadplex Gym has been linked to the Navy 10K Run since its’ inception 33 years ago.  2018 will be the last time the Stadplex will be HQ for the race.
The Stad Gym is a truly unique building, both inside and out.  In addition to the usual weight room, cardio room and squash courts found in most fitness centers it also has a few features you won’t find anywhere else.  Surrounding the double gym floor is a banked wooden track.  In the basement is a 5-pin bowling alley.  Instead of the typical 25 meter pool, the Stadplex pool is 27 meters.  No one really knows why.  Off the track is the Niobe Room which houses a collection of military trophies and memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s.
The exterior of the building also has some unique features.  There are 3 crests cast in concrete that are mounted within the brick walls.  Two are large circular crests on either end of the building.  One is a smaller crest by the front entrance.  The crests are similar in design to the Naval Crown but differ slightly.  In fact, all three crests differ from each other, even though the two large circular crests are similar sizes and designs.  Research into the designs has produced limited results.  All that is known is that 75 years ago a company from Ontario received the contract to build several facilities at CFB Halifax.  All of those buildings have crests and other nautical pictures cast in concrete and affixed to their exterior.  That company went out of business decades ago and no records remain of the designs.  It does not appear the designs are on any other military buildings on other Bases either.  They are truly unique features.
To pay homage to the Stadplex Gym, our finishing medal will be a replica of one of the concrete crests found on its’ walls.  Each participant will be able to take home a little piece of history this year.