June Challenges

June Challenges


Navy 10K Run Virtual Series – June Challenges

Each week new challenges will be posted. Challenges may last a day, a week, a month or the entire series.

June is Recreation month and it starts with a bang. Global Running Day is on June 3 and National Health and Fitness Day is on June 6. We will be kicking off the Navy 10K Run Virtual Series with multiple challenges to help get people active.

1. Monthly Challenge - June 1st - 30th ( Individual )

Our first challenge will be a virtual game of tag in support of June is Recreation month. To play, register in the Individual category of the Navy 10K Run Virtual Series. Run or walk one of the 5 distances available and record either your personal best time or update your total kilometers. Take a picture from your run/walk. Post to social media using #PSPtag #NAVY10KRUN and tag a friend(s) to do the same.

For example, “Ran 5K today as part of #Navy10KRun virtual series. #PSPtag you’re it @JohnDoe, @JaneDoe, @BillDoe. Your turn to get active!”

We will be doing prize draws on various days in June from all those that participate.

2. Day Challenge – June 7th ( Military participants )

Canadian Armed Forces Day is June 7. We will be doing a prize draw from every military participant in the Individual category that registers, records a result (personal best time or updates their total kilometers), and posts on social media using the hashtags #NAVY10KRUN and #VIRTUALRUN.

3. Monthly Challenge – June 1st - 30th ( Open Team )

How big a team can you build? We will be giving a prize to the Open Team with the most members. Create a team and invite as many members as you can. To qualify, each member must post at least 1 result in their total kilometers for your team. Only members that have updated will be counted for total team numbers.
Be sure to include #NAVY10KRUN and #VIRTUALRUN on any social media posts.

4. Monthly Challenge – June 1st - 30th ( Military Team )

Building Unit teams. To qualify, register in the Military Team category and create a Unit team. All members must be active military members from the same Unit. Start updating your kilometers. These teams will be used to compete against each other in future weekly and monthly challenges. Draw prizes will be done from this group.

5.  Weekly Challenge – June 8th - 14th ( Individual )

World Oceans Day is June 8.  The first World Ocean Day event was held in Halifax in 1992, long before it was internationally recognized in 2008.  It only seems fitting that Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground, would lead the charge in ocean health.  The Navy 10K Run Virtual Series would like to show its’ support by running an Ocean Week Challenge.  Complete a run from the Navy 10K Run Virtual Series wearing an ocean themed outfit.  That could be a simple blue T-shirt or a more complicated costume.  Get creative and post a picture or video to social media using the hashtag #OceansWeek and #NAVY10KRUN.  We will be doing a draw prize from all entries and awarding a prize to the best costume.

6.  Switching Gears Challenge #1 – June 15-28  (All participants)

This year is the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.  Help us support the Navy Bike Ride achieve its’ goal of accumulating 25,000 rides in honour of the 25,000 voyages Canadian Naval and Merchant Marine Forces conducted during WWII in the Battle of the Atlantic.  Registration is free but there is the option to support the Royal Canadian Benevolent Fund and Support our Troops charities through a donation.  For details and to register for the Navy Bike Ride visit:  navybikeride.ca
Want a chance to win a draw prize as well?  Register and complete a ride between June 15-28.  Post a picture to social media using the hashtags #NavyyBikeRide2020 and #Navy10KRun.  If social media is not your thing, send your pic to Navy10KRun@gmail.com to enter.