PO2 Craig Blake Memorial Fitness Challenge

PO2 Craig Blake Memorial Fitness Challenge

About The Fitness Challenge:

The PO2 Craig Blake Memorial Fitness Challenge is a mini triathlon for military and DND personnel, consisting of a 300m swim, a 6.5k mountain bike and a 2k run. Participants may swim, bike and run, or complete a single leg of the race as part of a team. The goal of the Fitness Challenge is to bring people of all fitness levels together to strive to do their best through friendly competition.

Formerly known as the Navy Fitness Challenge, the event was renamed  the PO2 Craig Blake Memorial Fitness Challenge in 2011 to acknowledge the legacy of avid cyclist and triathlete, PO2 Craig Blake, the first Canadian Navy sailor to fall in Afghanistan.

Race Categories:

Participants cannot compete in more than one category at the same time (i.e. be registered as an Individual but count one of your legs for a team in the Team or Unit category).
Individual – Completes swim, bike and run as an individual - $20
  • Male Open (U40) & Female Open (U40), Male Master (40+) & Female Master (40+)
Team – Must be at least 2 people, max of 3 people – No restrictions on Team - Can be mixed male/female, military/DND civilian, or from different units – Each completes a leg of the race – $45 per team
Unit – Must have 3 people from the same unit.  PSP will pay for 1 team from each COTW, COTF and Wing Cup unit to participate in this category.  Teams will be competing in the COTW, COTF and Wing Cup race categories for points in those inter-unit competitions only.  Registration will be via hard copy forms that can be obtained from Unit Sports Reps.  


Contact Us:

For more information, please call 902-721-8411