Additional Information

We are celebrating over 35 year at CFB Kingston !
Our style of Karate is Shotokan 

A Brief History:
MASAMI TSURUOKA  introduced Karate to Canada in 1958 when he opened the first Karate school in Toronto. “O” Sensei Tsuruoka was born in Canada but learnt Karate in Japan under DR. CHITOSE.  O-Sensei Tsuruoka passed away November 2014 after 56 years of teaching in Canada.  David Tsuruoka (his son), accepted the position of SENSEI, and will continue to instruct, following in his father’s footsteps.
Karate will continue to grow both in Canada and other countries. This growth will continue to spread good will and friendship, uniting people from all corners of the world.
Many thanks to the efforts and Spirit of “THE FATHER OF CANADIAN KARATE” : O’ SENSEI MASAMI  TSURUOKA.