Scuba Club
Welcome to the Dolphin Scuba Club.

The Dolphin Scuba Club exists to provide a venue to aid divers of the base community to enjoy the diving in the Kingston area.  It provides  a number of dive services including gear rentals, air fills, basic and advanced scuba training as well as organizing a number of dive activities throughout the year.

Location: Kingston Military Community Sports Centre Pool & Club Room  

Regular members: $40.00 ($35.00)
Ordinary members: $50.00 ($40.00)
Associate members: $95.00 ($85.00)
Fees shown above in brackets apply to ages 12-20. For category descriptions please see Additional Information below.
Note: Dependent children are defined as: 20 years old (or under) or those who are full-time students up to 24 years old.  Associate pricing reflects a NPF mandated market-rate remittance fees.

For info, contact:
Matt Charlesworth 613-541-5010 x 7622
Guillaume Courcy 613 541-5010 x 7643

For more details, see Additional Information below.