Taekwondo Club
Welcome to the Taekwondo Club
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and an Olympic sport. Our classes are active; incorporating both aerobic and anaerobic training, muscular strength, balance, flexibility and mental skills (focus and concentration).  Our teaching focuses on the four pillars of Taekwondo: sparring, forms, self-defence and board-breaking. When you attend Taekwondo, you will also receive empowerment, confidence, integrity and improved self-esteem.
Monday & Thursday
5:00-5:45pm   Junior Colour Belts (white-green stripe, age 4+)
5:45-6:30pm   Intermediate Colour Belts (green-blue)
5:45-7:00pm   Advanced Colour Belts (red stripe-black)
7:00-8:30pm   Senior Class (all belts, high-school age & up)
Fees: (by semester: Fall, Winter and Spring):
$145.00  Junior & Intermediate children color belts
$190.00  Advanced & Adults/Senior belts

Your TKD Contact:
Dan Lachance, Club President: daniel.lachance@forces.gc.ca or 613 541-6000 ext 3782
Master Karen Armour: HorizonsTKD@gmail.com  or 613 359 5783

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