Deployment Support

Deployment Support

Family support will be offered when a CF member is required to spend "time away from home".

Family Separation and Reunion

At KMFRC we believe that Deployment does not just mean when a CF member is away but also, before, and after. Our programs are geared towards families who are anticipating a deployment, working through a deployment, and getting back into routine after a deployment.

Family support will be offered when a CF member, Reservist or civilian is required to spend "time away from home" for any period of time including: temporary duty, special tasking, field exercises, restricted postings, course or overseas operations.
If you are a spouse, child, parent or other family member who will be experiencing separation of a loved one please drop by the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre and let us know. When you register with the KMFRC we will ensure that you and your family stay connected and informed of programs and services offered. The KMFRC provides resources and support that meet family’s needs prior to, during and after separation.

We would like to invite you to complete a Deployment Contact Form so that we may stay connected to your family during a time of separation. Please return your completed Deployment Contact Form to the KMFRC in person, or by email to If you have any further deployment questions or concerns please contact the Military Family Support Services Coordinator at

Preparing for Deployment

Facing a deployment is one of the most challenging times for military families. At KMFRC we have many programs, workshops, services and events that are geared specifically to families who are anticipating, experiencing or recuperating from a deployment.
There are also a number of resources you can access about Deployment to help you get prepared.
  • The Deployment Checklist- a helpful guide to assist you in getting all your medical, vehicle, housing, and legal documents ready as well as creating a plan for your children and childcare needs.            
  • Morale Mail- Canadian Armed Forces Postal Addresses for overseas operations are available on the CAF website.
  • CF ONE- the CF One card confirms your membership within the Canadian military community and provides access to the CANEX Rewards Program and the CF Appreciation Program. 
Family Care Plan - Make sure you have a plan for the childcare of your children. You can create a plan by filling out this document.