Rec Ed: Educational Evenings

Rec Ed: Educational Evenings              
These educational learning sessions begin with a dynamic presenter and power point presentation, followed by engaging discussion, and time for questions and answers. Register now and enhance your learning in a relaxed classroom environment!

Everyone welcome. Registration is required. Space is limited.
Members: $FREE.    Non-Members: $9.00 + HST
CFB Kingston Base Gym – Room 215

Concussions    Wed 20 September: 1830-2030hrs                             
Suffering a concussion can be a scary experience. Many concussions can occur without a loss of consciousness and often go unrecognized. Learn about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnoses and rehabilitation.  Know what to do if your child or family member sustains a concussion.

Pelvic Health    Wed 18 October: 1830-2030hrs 
Many people experience problems related to pelvic floor dysfunction and don’t realize the connection or the options for recovery.  Learn about pelvic floor physio therapy and you will begin to understand the steps you can take to improve your health. Don’t suffer in silence.

Menopause    Wed 22 November: 1830-2030hrs               
What you do now can impact how early menopause starts, how intense the symptoms are and how it affects your body.  Whatever you think you may know about menopause, there are always questions, answers and options to consider about this female transition and milestone. 

Mindfulness:     Wed 6 December: 1830-2030hrs            
Many of us have heard about mindfulness, but still have questions.  In the last few years, mindfulness-based treatments have become recognized as highly effective in lowering stress and treating anxiety. Come learn how mindfulness can help you as we approach one of the busiest and most stressful holiday seasons of the year.

Sessions presented by : Athletico Physiotherapy Clinic – CANEX Mall
For more info:  CFB Kingston Base Gym 613-541-5010 x 8752