Teach Me Tuesday

Teach Me Tuesdays                      
These informal, fun, hands-on style learning sessions will give you chance to learn something new without a big time commitment. Many of these sessions are good for your brain and for your body.  Register now and try something new!

Everyone welcome. Registration is required. Space is limited.
Members: $FREE.    Non-Members: $9.00 + HST
CFB Kingston Base Gym 

Trim your Swim    Tues 26 September: 1900-2100hrs - Pool               
Develop and enhance your free style.  Learn simple swimming techniques to help you fine-tune and streamline your front crawl stroke so you use less energy, swim more efficiently and swim faster. It’s time to trim your swim.

Plant Powered    Tues 24 October: 1900-2100hrs - Room 105    
Vegan. Vegetarian. Veg-Curious?  It is not just tofu and beans. This session will focus on easy methods to take the meat out of a meal. Learn from 45 years of veggie eating experience in this 90 minute plant powered presentation.

Just in Time    Tues 14 November: 1900-2100hrs - Room 105                  
Learn the techniques to disable an attacker, helping you escape from harm just in time and how to avoid certain situations that may increase your risk of danger.  This session is a small investment of time and effort that could potentially save your life.

Learn to Dance: Merengue    Tues 12 December: 1900-2100hrs - Room 105    
Planning on going south this winter?  Get vacation ready and learn the Merengue. This easy to learn dance is an important part of island-life fun in Latin American. Be sure to register yourself and your partner.

For more info:  CFB Kingston Base Gym 613-541-5010 x 8752