Daytime Fitness Classes

Daytime Fitness Classes

Daytime Fitness Classes

Daytime Fitness Classes      
CFB Kingston Base Gym                                          
Buy any two classes and receive $10.00 off          
*Class FREE with 6 month membership.

Balls & Bands                                                   
Learn how these lightweight, inexpensive tools can improve your mobility and health, from a seated position. Instructor has received specialized training from VON: the Victorian Order of Nurses.
Mondays or Wednesdays
16 April - 25 June or 18 April - 27 June
Room 105                           
M $FREE              
NM $FREE          
Try it for FREE: Mon 9 Apr or Wed 11 April
Fast Fit for Females      
Stay functional and get fit fast in this 30 minute fast fitness class – only for females. Simple equipment, good movements, great class.
Tuesdays or Thursdays

17 April – 5 June or 19 April – 7 June     
M $FREE*            NM $70 + HST  
Room 105                                                                           
Try it for Free: Tue 10 April or Thu 12 April
Aqua Fast                                                           
Enjoy this 30minute action-packed water exercise class that has more benefits than land training.  Meet your cardiovascular and muscular needs in under an hour.

18 April – 6 June                                             
M $FREE*            NM $70 + HST  
Large Pool                                                          
Try it for Free: Wed 11 April
Indoor Walking Program                                                                                                     
Walking is more than a form of exercise; it’s a health tool.  Walking reduces your health risks and can add years to your lifespan.  Bring your running shoes and ‘track’ your health this season on our 6 lane indoor track. Walking poles are welcome.
Monday – Thursday                                       
January to April 2018

0900-1000hrs or 1300-1400hrs                   
M $FREE*            NM $10.00 + HST
Start: 15-19 January                       
Finish: 23-27 April

There are a variety of Noon Hour Fitness & Leisure classes offered on a rotation basis at the Base Gym, in addition to the Daytime classes listed above.  Noon Hour classes are 45 minute classes (12:00-12:45pm - weekdays only).  These classes are FREE with Membership.  To receive your copy of the latest "Fit Quest" (noon hour) schedule, please visit our Customer Service Desk in the Gym Lobby.

For info: 613-541-5010 x 8752 Customer Service Desk