Orientations & Personal Training

Orientations & Personal Training

Gym Orientations & Personal Training Sessions

Gym Orientations: Weight Room & Cardio Room

Gym Orientations for Adults     

Our gym orientation for adults is a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. 
Adults wishing to schedule a Gym Orientation can do so by contacting the personal trainer of their choice directly and setting up an appointment at their convenience.
Register for one of our free gym orientations so that you can get the most out of your time at the gym.

Contact one of our Trainers today!     

Trainer: Sébastien
My mission is to help individuals achieve their goals whether it be having a healthy lifestyle or reaching new heights in their physical capabilities. I welcome you to embark on a journey to the new, improved you— en français ou en Anglais… à bientôt! 

Trainer: Valéry
Whether it is rehab, recovery or realization of your personal goals, our focus together will be on quality of movement rather than quantity. My goal as a Kinesiology graduate is to share my passion for physical activity. I look forward to work­ing with you soon - in French or in English!

Trainer: Brent
The importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle was instilled in me over my 35 year Combat Arms career in the Canadian Armed Forces. I understand the challenges you may be experiencing as a mature adult and I am passionate about assisting you in defining your goals. Whatever your age, it’s never too late to start.

Personal Training Sessions:

Pre-Training Consultation $20*

1 session $60
3 sessions* $55 per session
6 sessions* $45 per session
*$20 Pre-training consultation fee waived
Prescribed Programs:
Fitness Verification Session $20
Entry Level Resistance (ELR) . $40
Advanced Level Program (ALP) $60
Sport Specific Program (SSP) $60
$20 Fitness Verification Session mandatory.

Purchase personal training sessions at the Base Gym Customer Service Desk, and then contact the Trainer of your choice with your proof of purchase (receipt).