Family Networks

What is the Family Networks (FN)?

The Family Networks (FN) is a Canadian MFRC program that the KMFRC is implementing as a way of connecting with both military members and their families, in order to help them deal with the challenges associated with deployment and separation.

Who is involved in the FN?

The FN is comprised of a Unit Liaison Representative (Unit Rep)and a Volunteer Family Representative (Family Rep), who in collaboration with the KMFRC, offer social, informational, care-taking, networking, and morale-building activities. Together, the Unit Rep, Family Rep and KMFRC help families to successfully deal with deployment and separation, while also reinforcing overall resiliency in navigating the military lifestyle.  Both the Unit and Family Reps serve as a direct link between military members, their families, and the KMFRC, so that we are more accessible and better able to serve your needs. Together we help to prepare members and families for deployments, provide family
support during separation, and aid in adjusting to the challenges upon reunion. We also welcome and mentor families who are new to the military lifestyle, and coordinate social events.

If you would like to know more information about the Family Networks, please contact:

Heather Kotelniski,
Family Support Worker
613 541-5010 local 5195

 Family Reps:
Unit  Family Network Rep  Contact
1 ESU Sara
1 WING HQ Daphne
1st CAN DIV Faith
 2 MPU Alysha
Base Command Martha
CFJSR Courtney/Kim/Laura
CFRC Kingston Megan
CFSCE Kelly / Véronique
RMCC Danielle
IR SPOUSES    Shannon