Reconditioning Program

Reconditioning Program

PSP Reconditioning Program

The Reconditioning Program provides physical fitness and conditioning programs to CF personnel as they recover from illness or injury.

The Physical Exercise Specialist (PES) coordinates and delivers standardized physical fitness programs for CF personnel with functional limitations (emotional or physical) and medical conditions as recommended by the Regional Adapted Fitness Specialist (RAFS) and Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS). Referrals to the program must be completed by a CAF approved health care professional and include a CAF 2018 Form.

There are 3 core programs within Kingston's PSP Reconditioning Program: Partnership Fitness Program, Reactivation Program, and FITT Program.

Partnership Fitness Program

The goal of the program is to improve the fitness of CF members recovering from a mental health condition.  It provides a welcoming environment for members to participate in PT. Partnership Fitness offers two yoga classes each week.  To participate in the Partnership Fitness Program, members must be transferred through one of the following transferring agents: CFHS, Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC); or Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS).

Reactivation Program

The goal of the Reactivation Program is to achieve unit functionality within 3 to 6 months.  It is designed to help members reach goals such as being FORCE test ready and becoming fit to return to unit PT after returning from an injury.  To participate in the Reactivation Program, members must be assessed and referred through a DND physiotherapist.

FITT Program

The goal of the program is to improve the fitness of CF members with systemic or chronic health conditions.  It may consist of individual and/or Group PT according to limitations and FITT principles. 

For more information please contact:

Taylor Hurlock
Physical Exercise Specialist 
613-541-5010 ext 6939