Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

Social Wellness

Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) ~ New!!
MCpl to Sgt ~ 07 November - 0800-1600 hrs
WO and Above ~ 23 November - 0800-1600 hrs
upcoming 2018 (total of 16 hours over four half days)
Stress Take Charge
upcoming 2018  (total of 12 hours over three half days)
Managing Angry Moments
01 November  - 06 December - 0800-1200 hrs

Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness Supervisor Training
28 November  - 0800-1600 hrs
07 December - 0800-1600 hrs

Active Living and Injury Preventation
Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports & Physical Activity
30 October  -1200-1600hrs  
Nutritional Wellness
Top Fuel for Top Performance
TBD 2018
Weight Wellness Lifestyle Program
TBD  2018
Addiction Awareness and Prevention
Butt Out Group Program
coming 2018
Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness  
coming 2018

All programs and services are free of charge.  Priority is given to military personnel, retired military personnel and their spouses.  Civilian employees are eligible if space permits.