Core Programs
Health Promotion can now provide in person programming to training units. Please request using our online HP Service Request at Request an HP Service ( Registration is now open for our Fall in person programming!

Core Programs


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Core Programs

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What is new with Health Promotion?

R.E.S2E.T aligns with the CAF BALANCE Strategy and other Operational Readiness initiatives to provide a skill-based program aimed at improving wellness at an individual, unit, family and/or command level. Utilizing adult learning tools, the goal is to provide a specific total health strategy to support participants focused on obtaining optimal BALANCE and performance.

R.E.S2E.T introduces participants to the following six topics:
1. Resilience
2. Exercise Selection or Exercises for Mental Fitness
3. Stress
4. Sleep/Rest
5. Eating Healthy
6. Taking Action/Goal Setting

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R.E.S.2.E.T. (6 days, 1100 - 1200hrs)

5, 12, 19, 26 Nov, 3, 10 Dec

Note: This HP program has been created locally and is currently only offered at CFB Kingston

Social Wellness

Inter-Personal Communication (Inter-Comm)
A course specifically designed for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their families. The course is intended to increase capacity to manage conflict, nurture collaboration and communicate effectively. The course is led by facilitators from both the Military Family Resource Centre and Health Promotion.
Managing Angry Moments (MAM)
MAM is an interactive program designed to help increase personal performance by identifying successful coping strategies in anger–generating situations and provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Discussions focus on understanding anger; identifying personal triggers; managing conflict with others; identifying and practicing strategies that work for you, and learning how to manage your response for the long-term.
Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness Supervisor Training (MFSA)
This course is MITE coded. The purpose of MFSA is to prepare personnel in supervisor roles to promote mental fitness and to lessen the incidence of mental health injuries including deliberate self-harm and suicide, within the military community. Participants will discuss Mental Fitness and learn an early suicide intervention model. Although this is a supervisor course, course is open and appropriate for all ranks, adult family members and NPF/DND Civilian Employees.
Stress: Take Charge! (STC)
This interactive program offers an effective, skills-based approach to managing stress. Through self-awareness, behaviour change and skill building, participants will examine stress within their lives and learn about the stress response. Various relaxation/stress management techniques and strategies will be explored and practiced.
Respect in the CAF Workshop (RitCAF)
This one day interactive workshop is intended to promote and build a respectful climate and culture within the Canadian Armed Forces. Through awareness and understanding, this workshop aims to empower CAF members to take a stand against Sexual Misconduct. Through discussion, scenarios, and small group practical activities, CAF members will develop and practice skills to recognize, respond, prevent and support those affected by sexual misconduct.

Addiction Awareness and Prevention

Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming Supervisor Training (AODGG)
All military supervisors are required to take this course at some point in their career; it is MITE coded. Supervisors will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction and, through practice, apply the DND policies around alcohol, other drugs, gambling and gaming. Supervisors will be given an opportunity to develop and practice strategies to promote an addiction free work environment. (Rank level of MCpl or above)
Butt Out Program
We know for most people quitting tobacco is not easy. Butt Out can help! CAF personnel who need support can participate in the Self-Managed Butt Out Program. Trained Health Promotion staff will provide you with the tools, resources and support necessary to help you quit and achieve a tobacco free lifestyle. If you are thinking about quitting and need help making a decision, check out the ‘Do I Want to Quit Smoking? Decision Balance Worksheet’. This tool can assist you with analyzing your reasons for quitting. 

Click here to watch an inspirational Butt Out testimonial!

Nutritional Wellness

Top Fuel for Top Performance (TFTP)
Are you looking to fine tune your eating and activity habits? Would you like to know how supplements can impact your physical performance? Are you eating enough to fuel your activity? TFTP offers participants an opportunity to determine their personal energy requirement and learn new tips on how to maximize their overall physical performance. This interactive workshop includes education on Everyday Eating, Fueling for Training and Recovery, Nutrient Timing and Hydration Before, During & After Physical Activity, Body Composition and Weight Issues and Sports Supplements.
Mission: Nutrition! (MN)
Mission: Nutrition! (MN) is a Nutritional Wellness Lifestyle Program that provides participants with the opportunity to improve their eating and daily activity habits. Learn how to use the NEW Canada’s Food Guide to meal plan, understand food labels, prepare budget-friendly meals and practice a variety of food skills. A physical activity component, in partnership with PSP Fitness and Sports, as well as a cooking demo will be included in this program.

 Injury Prevention and Active Living

Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports & Physical Activity (IRS)
IRS aims to provide scientific based evidence about injuries in the CAF at both a National and Local level. This workshop, facilitated by local Subject Matter Experts in the field of Health Promotion, Physiotherapy and Fitness, provides a practical component for participants to apply a variety of injury-reducing strategies for both their personal fitness and Unit PT. Discover why more people may be risking injury when they are exercising and learn a few simple strategies you can implement to help prevent injuries.

**All programs and services are free of charge.  Priority is given to military personnel, retired military personnel and their spouses. Civilian employees are eligible if space permits.

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