Core Programs

Core Programs



The CAF has a unique culture relating to physical activity,  sports and physical fitness. Using a community approach, the Injury Reduction Strategies in Sports and Physical Activity programaims to respect this culture and to provide detailed information about injuries in the CAF. It also aims to provide the latest scientific evidence concerning injury prevention in sports and physical training and to increase local support for injury prevention initiatives.Leadership support is essential to the success of the injury reduction program in sports and physical hoped that by increasing knowledge of the scientific literature on injury prevention, CAF leaders, partners and personnel will embrace and implement the recommended injury reduction strategies and support local injury prevention initiatives. 


To create a positive change in the approach to injuries in the CAF the support of leadership is essential. The purpose of this briefing is to achieve the following:
•    Create awareness among leadership as to why injuries occur 
•    Present strong, scientific supported strategies resulting in a  significant reduction of CAF injuries
•    Highlight the important role that leadership support plays in implementing those strategies
•    Demonstrate how "readiness" can be enhanced by leadership’s role in the enforcement and accountability of presented strategies
•    Create a better awareness and understanding of how to engage Health Promotion, Fitness & Sports and Health Services resources to avoid injuries.



We know for most people quitting is not easy- but Butt Out can help!

CAF personnel that are actively working through the program have access to free smoking cessation medication to support their quitting. Some restrictions apply.  Come and find out what it's all about. Information sessions run every Monday at 8:30 a.m. at the Base Gym, Room 215.


All military supervisors are required to take this course at some point in their career. It is course coded and will be added to participant’s MPRR. Course covers modules 2, 9, 10 & 11. Suggested recertification every 2 years.  Briefings and workshops can be tailored to your Unit’s needs.  Must be MCpl or MS Rank or above.

Twelve modules on a variety of topics including:
  • Substance Use 101 
  • Alcohol-Staying within the Guidelines 
  • DWI - Driving While Impaired 
  • Keeping Your Parties Safe 
  • Illegal Drugs and Zero Tolerance 
  • Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications 
  • Problem Gambling 
  • Helping Family, Friends & Co-Workers 
  • Recognizing the Early Warning Signs 
  • Developing Effective Intervention Skills 
  • Promoting a Healthy Organization 
  • Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Supervisor training and briefings available.


  Nutritional Wellness
Are YOU ready for a change? Are you looking to improve your health? Do you want to be stronger? Eat Better? Plan more meals and become more active?
The Nutritional Wellness Program offered by Health Promotion can help! This program incorporates the best of our Weight Wellness Lifestyle and Top Fuel for Top Performance Programs.
This 6 week program will introduce you to new strategies to meet your goals whether that is weight loss, increasing lean mass, better meal planning, choosing the healthiest foods and much more.
Working with our skilled facilitators, you will have an opportunity to apply and adapt strategies to your own lifestyle for sustainable behaviour change, ask questions and collaborate with other participants.
This program also includes a weekly physical activity component and a guided grocery store tour with a registered dietitian



Are you tired of all the gimmicks and false promises around weight loss? Weight wellness will help you:
  • Set realistic goals for losing weight and keeping it off
  • Develop a healthy eating plan and adjust portion sizes for healthy weight loss
  • Develop a physical activity plan to boost your metabolism
  • Understand and interpret nutrition labels and restaurant menus
  • Get the lowdown on healthy meal planning and snacks. 
  • Manage hunger and food cravings
  • Tackle common weight loss myths and fallacies
  • Monitor your progress and help you stay on tack


Workshop for people addressing the role of nutrition and hydration for Top Performance.

Each workshop includes the following:
  • Top Fuel 101: Everyday Eating 
  • Fine Tuning Your Eating & Activity Habits  
  • Fuel for Training and Recovery: Covers timing and type of food & fluid before, during and after physical Activity 
  • Body Composition and Weight Loss
  • Sports Supplements: What to consider before taking a supplement


Respect in the CAF

 Originating from strategies outlined in Operation Honour, The “Respect in the CAF” workshop is a curriculum for use in the Canadian Armed Forces. The workshop is intended to promote respect in the CAF through awareness and understanding and to empower CAF members to take a stand against harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour (HISB). This workshop is designed to foster a sustained change in attitudes and behaviours in order to build a respectful climate and culture within the Canadian Armed Forces. This program is currently offered to CAF members only and delivered in rank specific workshops.
The workshop will include discussion on:
•        The Continuum of Harmful and Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour
–       Understanding your role in responding to and preventing HISB
–       Examining Personal Beliefs and Attitudes
–       Understanding the impact of sexual violence on the individual, the unit, the CAF
•        Bystander Intervention
–       Implementing Strategies to prevent and reduce HISB
–       Understanding victim support considerations



An innovative program to help deal with conflict and improve communication in personal relationships.
This 12-hour course is comprised of 4 modules and offers participants instruction on conflict management concepts as well as strategies that may help when facing difficult situations or conversations with family and friends. Through experience learning, exercises and coaching, participants will learn skills in conflict management, effective communication, and how to nurture collaboration, both at home and in the community.


MAM is an interactive program designed to help increase personal performance by identifying successful coping strategies that participants already use in anger–generating situations and by providing opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Discussions focus on understanding anger; identifying personal triggers; managing conflict with others; identifying and practising strategies that work for you, and learning how to manage your response for the long-term.


This interactive program offers an effective, skill-based approach to managing stress. Through self-awareness, behaviour change and skill building, participants will examine stress within a military context, and learn about the stress response. Various relaxation and stress management techniques and strategies will be explored and practised.


It's one thing to look after your body. Just don't forget about your mind.  Where do you fit?

This course is course coded and its purpose is to prepare personnel in leadership positions to promote mental fitness and to lessen the incidence of mental health injuries including deliberate self-harm and suicide within the military community. Although this is a supervisor course, course is open and appropriate for all ranks, families and NPF/DND Civ Employees. Suggested recertification every 2 years.

**All programs and services are free of charge.  Priority is given to military personnel, retired military personnel and their spouses. Civilian employees are eligible if space permits.

For more information contact the Health Promotion Office at 613-541-5010 ext. 3992 or email