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COVID Coping is getting more difficult, but Health Promotion (HP) has your back.


MindMuscle – Strength Train Your Brain 
How I battle my pain … by training my brain – and you can too. 

Do you have physical, mental or emotional discomfort?  
Have you felt more anxious, isolated or- unsafe lately? 
Is your memory depleted? Brain fog setting in?  
Frustrations increasing and patience decreasing?  
Searching to find more peace, comfort and joy? 

You’re not alone. Health Promotion (HP) is here for you. Welcome... to iRest Yoga Nidra and the newest services available virtually through your HP Kingston Team. Welcome … to MINDMUSCLE. 
MindMuscle includes three distinct, but overlapping services, to meet you where you’re at in your mindfulness journey. 
MINDMUSCLE (#MM) is the Facebook Group where you can join the CAF Community for support, in order for us to be apart-together.  Join us for Live guided meditations and a variety of relaxation tools on Monkey Mind Monday from 1200-1245hrs
EI8HT MINDFUL MINUTES (8MM) is a simplified mindfulness technique that you can learn quickly and utilize during your daily life. New to mindfulness? Discover more about 8MM during our Mindful Minutes Wellness Wednesday, or by joining our Facebook Group to practice this easy tool. 
Mindful Minutes Wellness Wednesday (MMWW) is the first Wednesday of every month and incorporates the 60 second, 8MM into a healthy theme such as;  Sleep Hygiene, Mindful Eating, Injury Reduction, etc. 
We all struggle. You’re not alone. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we connect in meaningful ways in order to heal the past and prepare for the future by being in the present. 
NEXT STEPS? Join us today for a better tomorrow. Register below for more information and to get involved. 
“Life can be hard, iRest can help”  -Richard Miller 

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CAF community members who are thinking about quitting tobacco including, (cigarettes, cigars/cigarillo’s, chew or e-cigarettes) are encouraged to join Health Promotion Kingston's Butt Out Group Facebook Page for additional support. 

This private group will provide you with peer support, information and resources as you try to combat one of the hardest things you will ever do.

Participate as little or as much as you want!

For more information on the CAF Butt Out Program, facilitated by Health Promotion and Base Pharmacy please click here.

Good luck! You Got this!
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Please contact HealthPromotionKingston@cfmws.com for any questions.