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 In general, a minimum of 45 minutes is required to provide an effective briefing environment.
Contact us to come in during annual PD days (Training days) or in response to the general interest of members. 
Your Unit Health Promotion Rep is a great resource to determine the needs of the unit.
If you don’t know who your unit rep is click here.
The following briefings/workshops are just some of the briefings Health Promotion can provide to units, sections and groups upon request.  
We welcome your ideas for briefings/workshop topics. Please provide specific details of your ideas in the ‘Other’ section of the registration drop down menu.       

  This icon identifies briefings that align with the 4 performance measures of the
CAF Physical Performance BALANCE Strategy. Learn more about the BALANCE Strategy here.

 Social Wellness

 Health Promotion 101: This brief provides an overview of Health Promotion programs, workshops and campaigns available to the CAF community as well as a discussion on how Health Promotion services contribute to and supports the overall health and operational readiness of CAF members.
 Stress Management: Learn about the stress response, gain self-awareness and build on skills and coping strategies related to combating daily stressors.
Anger Management: This is an opportunity to reflect on those stressors that trigger anger and to learn skills and coping strategies to positively and effectively deal with those angry moments.
Communicating Effectively: Learn a variety of communication tools and skills to effectively deal with conflict and to improve overall communication.
Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness (4 hour): Learn about the concept of mental fitness, the mental health continnum model, and practice mental fitness exercises. There is discussion surrounding the stigma around mental health and recognizing warning signs associated with someone in distress and/or contemplating suicide. There is also an opportunity to learn and practice the ACE suicide prevention/intervention model.
 Mental Fitness, Self Care & Resources: This brief comes from a module within our 8 hour Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness Supervisor Training workshop. The focus of this brief is on improving and/or maintaining our own mental fitness through self-care and a variety of mental fitness exercises. The resources available to CAF members and their families will also be discussed.

  Addictions Awareness & Prevention

Cannabis Use and Health: This brief provides an overview of what Cannabis is, how it’s used, and the immediate and long-term effects of cannabis use on an individual’s health. The Low Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines are also discussed for those who choose to use.
Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gaming & Gambling Awareness: This brief is a piece from our AODGG Supervisor Training program. It provides an overview of the warning signs and health risks associated with those individuals struggling with addiction and provides helpful tips on how to create an addiction free workplace.
Substance Use 101: Learn the reasons why people use alcohol and other drugs; identify the risk factors for substance use problems; discuss the impact of substance use on health, safety and operational readiness of the CAF.
Alcohol: Staying within the Guidelines: Learn about the benefits of low-risk drinking and the risks of binge drinking; define resilience and the factors that contribute to it; identify ways to build resilience and identify practical strategies to minmize risks.
DWI: Driving While Impaired: Learn about how alcohol and drugs impair driving; articulate the legal, career and human impact of impaired driving; identify harm reduction and prevention stragies as well as apply them.
Keeping Your Parties Safe:  Learn about and discuss the rationale behind safe party procedures; learn the role of a social event policy and safe mess practices in reducing risks; and learn responsible hosting guidelines in private parties.
Drug Use 101: Learn the CAF rules and explain the two main procedural responses towards illegal drug use; learn about the effects of different types of drugs on the body; discuss the risks associated with illegal drugs on one’s health, safety and career; and discuss CAF resources available.
An Introduction to Gambling: Discuss different types of gambling; why people gamble; when gambling becomes a problem; learn about the broad impact of problem gambling; tips to gamble responsibly; and discuss CAF resources available.
Internet Gaming Disorder: Discuss video gaming, types of gaming and why and who plays; research behind gaming; define Gaming Disorder; explore the continuum of video game playing and warning signs of problem gaming; identify tips to gaming responsibly; and discuss CAF resources avaialble.
Talking About Alcohol and Other Drugs: Learn about the individual, interpersonal and societal factors that influence substance use; identify signs of potential problems regarding substance youth and adults; explore prevention strategies for families, partners, friends and co-workers; and discuss resources available to assist CAF members and their families.
Gender, Military and Substance Use: Understand the context of women’s drinking in the military; examine the impact of stigma on women and their use of substances; increase awarenss of the different physiological consequences of alcohol on women; discussion of impact of underlyig factors tha lead women to drink; culture of CAF an the impact on women as it relates to addictions.

 Nutritional Wellness

 All Nutrition briefings align with the CAF Physical Performance BALANCE Strategy

Nutrition 101: Learn the basics of nutrition and how to make healthy food choices to maintain and/or improve health.
Understanding the Nutrition Label: Learn how to read and compare food labels to make the healthier choice and to be aware of misleading food and nutrition marketing and messaging.
Nutrition for Physical Activity: Learn how to fuel and hydrate for improved physical performance in training and sport. This brief would be benficial to those participating in the Iron Warrior and/or Army Run.
Nutrition for Nijmegen: Learn how to fuel and hydrate before, during and after the marches, while learning additional nutritional and injury prevention tips to enhance performance.
Myths and Facts on Diets: Explore the myths and facts surrounding trending topics and fad diets in the nutrition industry.
Awareness on Energy Drinks: Explore the impact that energy drink consumption can have on health and performance.
Sport Supplements: Should you supplement your diet with a nutrition or sport supplement? Explore a variety of nutritional supplements to help you decide if supplementation benefits outweigh the risks on health.
Combat Rations: Learn about the nutritional quality and benefits of a variety of combat rations for CAF members.
NEW! Canada’s Food Guide: Learn about the changes to Canada’s Food Guide and how to incorporate the CFG guidelines into your own eating pattern.

 Injury Prevention & Active Living

 Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports and Physical Activity – Leadership Brief : To create a positive change in the approach to injuries in the CAF leadership support is essential. The purpose of this briefing is to achieve the following:
  • Create awareness as to why injuries occur
  • Present strong scientific supported strategies resulting in a significant reduction of CAF injuries
  • Highlight the important role leadership support plays in implementing those strategies
  • Create a better awareness and understanding of how to engage Health Promotion, Fitness & Sports and Health Services resources to avoid injuries

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