Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Programs

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If you are not available to take a program on the current schedule, Health Promotion can come to you and provide unit briefings and trainings.
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Social Wellness

► Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) (one day, 0800-1600 hrs)

Combined Ranks Pte & Cpl MCpl & Sgt WO/MWO/CWO & Officers

► Stress Take Charge (0830-1200 hrs)

 Managing Angry Moments (0830 -1200 hrs)

► Inter-Personal Communication (0830 -1200 hrs)

► Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness (0800 - 1600 hrs)

► Family Violence Prevention Leadership Workshop
More to follow

Addiction Awareness and Prevention

► Group Butt Out Program
For information, please call 613-541-5010 x3992

► Self-Managed Butt Out Program
Please contact the Health Promotion office to book a meeting with a Health Promotion Specialist at healthpromotionkingston@forces.gc.ca or call 613-541-5010 ext. 3992

► Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Gaming Supervisor Training (0800 - 1600hrs) Rank level MCpl and above

Nutritional Wellness

► Top Fuel for Top Performance (0800 - 1200 hrs)

► Mission: Nutrition! (MN)


Active Living and Injury Prevention

► Injury Reduction Strategies for Physical Activity (1230-1600hrs)

All programs and services are free of charge. Priority is given to military personnel, retired military personnel and their spouses. Civilian employees are eligible if space permits.