Mindfulness Walking Group

Mindfulness Walking Group

Explore Kingston’s walking trails and learn how to relax your mind, body and soul. Your 1-hour walk includes a break for a mindfulness activity and a take-home resource pack. The guided tour is led by a trained KMFRC Mental Health Professional.

The Mindfulness Walking Group is about an hour long on an easy level trail. Before beginning the walk, you will meet in a parking area where you will be provided with some tips on how to engage in mindfulness during the walk. You will be coached to become fully aware of sounds, scents, and textures. Halfway through the walk, we will pause and you will be guided through a 5-10 minute mindfulness activity such as guided imagery, meditation, breathwork etc. After the walk, you will receive a small package of mindfulness resources to continue on your journey at home.

12:00 - 1:00 pm

Kingston East
July 28 - Rain date July 29

Kingston North 
August 11 Rain date August 12

Kingston West 
August 31 Rain date September 2

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16 Space(s) Available.

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