Rosetta Stone Online Language Training

Rosetta Stone Online Language Training

1. To increase language learning opportunities 
To increase language learning opportunities and provide improved service to families of CF personnel, this online language training is administered by the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC) in accordance with the Director Quality of life/Military Family Services Policy.
2. Goal of the language training policy
Families of CF personnel function with increased comfort and confidence in an environment where the predominant local language is not their first language.
3. Description of the Rosetta Stone program 
Rosetta Stone is an online program that enables language learning. The simple and intuitive approach allows participants to learn a new language using a method that combines listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Learners are exposed to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of a new language without your native language for support. There is a Version 3 (basic) and a more advanced version called TOTALe. TOTALe has additional features that include the ability to chat with a coach and other learners and access a wide range of activities.
4. Registration fee 
Free of charge.
5. Eligibility
Priority is given to CF family members who are unable to attend class-led learning due to the time classes are offered or who require language training at a level, or in a language, not offered. Our definition of CF family members includes spouses and dependants (under 19 years) of Regular and Reservist CF members.
6. Waiting list
If there is more interest in this program than available licences, a waiting list will be maintained. In the event a licence becomes available the next person on the waiting list will be offered the opportunity to complete the online training. However, the KMFRC reserves the  right to prioritize need when issuing licences.
7. How to obtain a licence
In order to obtain a Rosetta Stone licence, each participant must complete an application form. It includes information such as participant’s name, email address, phone number, language learning preference, and the reasons for their motivation to take this online course. Please note that each form must be signed by the participant to confirm he/she has received, read, and understood the policy and he/she is committed to comply.
8. Evaluation
During the Online Language Training, the KMFRC will follow up with participants to check on course progress, get input & feedback, and to ensure that the learning experience is meeting the participant needs.
9. System requirements and material needed
Once a licence has been granted to a participant, he/she will receive an email indicating how to access the Rosetta Stone application. When you visit the Rosetta Stone  online application for the first time, click on “first  time users”. Then, Click on the link to check your system readiness to ensure that your computer meets the system requirements to run the Rosetta Stone application. If your computer does not meet the necessary requirements, the application will offer you software to install. If costs apply, these costs are the responsibility of the participant, not the KMFRC. Follow the steps that appear on your screen. Make sure you have a headset or speakers and a microphone.
10. Duration of the training
Rosetta Stone licences are valid for a period of 6 consecutive months. Each participant works on the Online Language Training at their own pace but must complete a minimum of 6 hours per month (for Version 3) and a minimum of 8 hours per month (for TOTALE).

11. Inactive accounts
Any account that has not been activated or has not been accessed by the user during a period of 6 consecutive weeks will be reassigned to another participant registered on the waiting list. The KMFRC will inform the participant that the account will be deactivated.                          
12. Training completed
If you complete your Online Language Training before the 6 months you have been allocated, please notify the KMFRC as soon as possible so your licence can be assigned to another participant on the waiting list. After your training has been completed an evaluation will be done by the KMFRC to get input and feedback on your Online Language Training experience.
13. Resources
Questions regarding the Rosetta Stone Online Language Training should be directed to the Second Language Services Associate at the KMFRC. 

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Are you currently posted in Kingston (and area)?:

Which language would you like to learn?:

What is your most comfortable language?:

This language will be used for your instructions
How many hours per week do you plan to devote to Online Language Training?:

Have you recently participated in Rosetta Stone Online Language Training with another MFRC?:

Do you already have headphones? :

If not, the KMFRC can provide you with headphones.
Do you have the ability to self-guide and self-pace in an online environment?:

If no, this program may not be ideal for your preferred way of learning.
Are you able to adjust computer settings and install or download software applications (if needed)?:

If no, technical support is provided by Rosetta Stone.
Why do you want to participate in this Online Language Training Program? Please check all boxes that apply.:

AGREEMENT AND CONSENT (Please read carefully and agree):
I hereby confirm that I have read and understand the Rosetta Stone Online Language Training Policy, specifically Paragraphs 10 and 11. I agree to respect the policy for the duration of my online training and I understand that my licence could be revoked at any time if I do not comply with the requirements contained within the policy.
DISCLAIMER (Please read carefully and agree):
I do hereby remise, release and forever discharge HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA, HER officers, servants and members of HER ARMED FORCES, the Kingston Military Family Resource Center, Staff, Volunteers and Facilitators working for the KMFRC, of and from all manner of actions, causes of action, claims or demands of whatsoever kind or nature in connection with my participation in activities offered by the Kingston Military Family Resource Centre. I have read and understand the above policies.
KMFRC PRIVACY CODE (Please read carefully and agree):
I do hereby confirm that I have received and read the Rosetta Stone Online Language Training Policy, and understood its’ content. I agree to respect the policy for the duration of my online training and I understand that my licence could be revoked at any time if I do not comply with the requirements contained within the policy.