LRDG - Pour l'amour du français - Learn French

LRDG - Pour l'amour du français - Learn French

These services are available to our CAF spouses in Kingston and area who are 19+


Pour l’amour du français is a program designed to help participants improve their French language skills. It’s a complete multimedia curriculum, delivered in 15 modules and corresponds to the Government of Canada’s A, B and C linguistic levels. The online portal allows participants to work at their own pace and convenience, using online, interactive exercises and lessons. An initial evaluation determines participant’s starting level and the course is offered nationally.

Self-study with weekly online class

This option combines self-study with weekly tutoring sessions. Participants have access to the LRDG online portal, where they can find interactive lessons and exercises with weekly online classes to improve their conversation skills. The online classes are offered by semester, with a minimum of 4 participants at the same level per class. An oral assessment on the phone determines which class participants will join. With this option, it takes ten weeks to complete a module. This is a nationally standardized program so participants can learn anywhere in the country. A small deposit may be required and refundable if all conditions are met.

A small deposit may be required.  Refund possible if all conditions are met.  10-12 week course, subject to change.​

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