CISM Sports

CISM Sports

International Competitions

International competitions will be conducted as an extension of the CF national program.
Entry of individuals or teams into international military competitions shall be authorized as outlined for the participation in Sports Competitions, Conditions and Approving Authorities.
Elite athletes may also be selected to attend CISM events on team or individual basis. The development of sports for CISM will come from normal training activities which have a military impact or form part of the ongoing CF sports program. Units are encouraged to support individual athlete development and maintain records of their achievements.


The International Military Sports Council (CISM) is an international military sports organization founded at the end of World War ll. Its aim is to encourage physical activity and military sport and to enhance friendly relations between armed forces of the member nations. The responsibilities for governing Canada’s participation in CISM .

Team Selection

Canadian Forces athletes interested in participating in CISM competition must be invited for selection by the respective CISM Team authorities. Final team and athlete selection will be made by the CF International Sports Office.

Selection of Coach

The CISM team military coach will be selected from within the military by the CF International Sports Office.

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