Children with Special Needs

Children with Special Needs


Children with Special Needs Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Inclusion Workers
With the aim of providing inclusive opportunities to the broader military community, the KMFRC Special Needs Inclusion team assists and collaborates with military families whose dependents require a higher level of physical, emotional or intellectual support.

In general, the intake process works as follows:
1. A family requests service by emailing or calling (613) 541-5010, ext. 5929.

2. The Special Needs Inclusion Worker (SNIW) in charge of intake will
a. complete an intake form to gather further information about needs and goals, and
b. assign a SNIW to schedule and facilitate the initial, in-person appointment.
3. An action and/or intervention plan, which may include follow-up meetings, will be developed in collaboration with the family.  In the event that the Special Needs Inclusion team is unable to assist with a particular request, referrals to other programs, resources, or community partners will be offered whenever possible.
Programs and resources available through the Special Needs Inclusion department include:

  • creation of visual supports (eg., visual schedules, choice boards and task charts) to help develop social interaction and communication at home and school
  • a lending library, with books and assistive devices that may be borrowed for a month at a time, particularly to provide supports in the classroom 
  • an on-site sensory room accessible to CAF members/veterans and dependents (with children under the age of 12 supervised by a parent).
  • Facilitation of applications for funding options, including the Special Needs Grant offered by Support Our Troops/Appuyons Nos Troupes. 
  • Referrals to services within the community, where appropriate.
  • a Special Needs Parent Support Group, which has one morning session and one evening session per month during the school year.  
  • a Special Needs Play Group meets one Saturday per month, and offers fine motor, gross motor and physical activities; dress up play; crafts; use of ride-on toys; opportunities to visit the sensory room; and more.
  • “Let’s Talk About…” evenings offer facilitated discussions about a particular topic of interest. 
  • support during school meetings.
  • a closed Facebook group offering information about events at the KMFRC and in the Kingston community for people with special needs.
Special Needs Inclusion Workers are also able to connect families with resources to help with such areas as managing routines and transitions, decreasing anxiety, promoting behavioural regulation, addressing concerns about disrupted sleep, etc. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Families are invited to contact the Special Needs Inclusion team for more information.


Special Needs Inclusion Intake Line
Phone: 613-541-5010 ext.5929