Gym Orientations: Teens

Gym Orientations: Teens (12 - 17 years)

Our gym orientation for youth is a scheduled, small group 90 minute session with a personal trainer that includes: a brief tour of the facility, an explanation on how to use the weight room and cardio machines, and a way for us to confirm your understanding of: gym rules and regulations and safe gym practices. *Mandatory for teens*

Register for one of our free gym orientations so that you can get the most out of your time at the gym. 

English sessions                                   
Tue 5 Sep        1830hrs                 
Thu 26 Oct      1830hrs                     
Tue 21 Nov      1830hrs                   
Tue 12 Dec      1830hrs
French / English sessions                 
Mon 11 Sep     1800hrs               
Mon 2 Oct       1800hrs                      
Mon 6 Nov      1800hrs         
Mon 4 Dec      1800hrs                   

Register at: CFB Kingston Base Gym 613-541-5010 x 8752