Community Partnership Opportunities

The Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston Personnel Support Programs Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising program offers Corporate Canada and Canadian industry a unique opportunity to promote themselves to the Kingston Area Department of National Defence (DND) community as Corporate Sponsors or Advertisers.  This is an exceptional opportunity to access this specific target group.

CFB Kingston supports over 35 lodger units and is the region's largest employer.  CFB Kingston is unique in that it encompasses an environment based on the Total Force concept and Team Work where Regular and Reserve Force members and Department of National Defence civilian employees work together to provide the highest possible standard of support services in order to allow lodger units to focus on their primary missions.

One of the many goals of sponsorship and advertising is to establish new relationships with future sponsors and advertisers while strengthening relationships with current corporate clients to benefit each party mutually. Sponsorship and advertising planning is based on the individual company’s needs, whether it be prominent visibility, on-site visibility within an event, or the creation of specialized promotional opportunities. The success of a sponsorship and advertising program is contingent upon fulfilling the client’s expectations. The personal touches ensure the client’s message is properly delivered to the correct market segment at the right time. There is a proper way to incorporate each major sponsor or advertiser categorically into this winning program and that is what we plan on delivering. It is all about creating new opportunities for companies to gain visibility within the military community and for military personnel and their families to benefit from the best possible resources that sponsorship and advertising can provide.

For more information, please contact:

Lesley Lehman
Partnership Development Specialist
PSP Kingston
613-541-5010 ext. 5701 or 613-539-6114