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RV Storage - Important Information

Personnel can only obtain a single RV Storage stall per family and/or per household. Stalls are available to military and civilian personnel accordingly as designated below. 

Proof of eligibility is required; priority for allocation of storage stalls will be as follows: 
CFB Kingston Regular Members:  
Currently serving regular and reserve Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)members living in single quarters & PMQ’s;
CAF members living off base, if applicable proof of Imposed Restriction(IR) is required;
Foreign Military currently serving with CAF; and
Veterans, former members of the CAF. 
Current DND/NPF/MFRC/DRDR/DCC employees;
Serving RCMP officers;
Currently serving Honorary Colonels/Captains and Honorary LTColonels/Commanders; and
Former NPF staff in receipt of a pension
Former RCMP in receipt of a pension

Occupants may be asked to vacate their RV Compound Parking Stall should a Regular Member use warrant it.  Requests to vacate will follow a “last in-first out” procedure in order of priority by eligibility category. Those occupants who have been asked to vacate will be notified via a letter of correspondence which will identify the date by which they are required to remove their vehicle(s).  Any vehicle that has not been removed by the deadline date will be tagged and/or towed at the owners’ expense. 

Upon being allocated a stall in the RV compound, personnel will complete an RV Compound Storage registration and a RV Compound contract.  
Proof of Ownership and Insurance is required for an item to be eligible for storage.  Current copies of insurance and registration are to be provided upon enrolment and renewal; registration and insurance must be in the name of the occupant. 
Personnel provide proof of identification or annuity that verifies entitlement into a specific RV Compound category at the time of registration and renewal. 
Personnel complete an alternate Contact Agreement (provide secondary contact) if the registered occupant is unavailable or away for more than four weeks in duration. 

Vehicles must be road worthy, and able to move at a moment’s notice. 
Occupants are not permitted to erect any type of shelter on the designated RV parking stall.  Up to two vehicles may be registered for the same RV parking stall but only one vehicle may occupy the RV parking stall at a time.  
Each vehicle must occupy the correct sized RV Compound parking stall and may not occupy a RV Compound parking stall sized larger or smaller than the vehicles’ respective size.  Each vehicle must occupy the RV Compound parking stall to which it was assigned to upon registration.  
An occupied RV parking stall or registration cannot be transferred, assigned, or sub-contracted. 

The RV Compound is for storage of functioning vehicles only.  
No work of any type is to be carried out on any item within the RV Compound 
Acceptable items to be stored in the open RV parking spaces include items such as wheeled vehicles, trailers as well as boats, canoes and kayaks that are tied down on utility trailers. 
Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to, vehicles that are not road worthy (derelict), truck campers separated from the support vehicle, smaller items that could be carried/carted away, fishing huts, furniture, sheds and/or BBQ’s, etc. 

For advising the Kingston Garrison Community Recreation Department and the RV Compound Supervisor (local 8759) of all changes of address, phone number, service status, location of work, as well as, all details pertaining to stored items.                       
To ensure vehicle license plate(s) are visible, even if the vehicle is covered with a tarp.  To secure the RV Compound; occupants shall ensure the ‘entry gate’ is closed and secured at all times. For the cleanliness and maintenance, the occupant shall maintain the designated RV parking space(s) including snow and weed removal of designated parking space.

RV Compound Storage season renewal shall commence in 01 April to allow timely vetting and updating during active posting season (APS). 
For designated RV parking stall(s) occupants must ensure renewal is completed prior to expiry date.  Those who fail to renew before the expiry date will not be granted access to RV Compound until their account is settled at CRD.  
Failure to comply could result in RV Compound Contract Agreement being terminated and the occupant being asked to remove his/her vehicle(s) from the RV Compound parking stall(s).  After a third attempt at contacting the registered occupant, the vehicle(s) will be towed at owners’ expense. 

RV Compound occupancy verification and inspection completed regularly.

Currently there are no waitlists available.

For more info, contact:
Front Desk Supervsior: Kelly Savoie
Phone: 613-541-5010 Local 8759