Private Schools:

There are numerous private schools in Kingston that cater to various spiritual and educational needs. Many of these facilities are able to offer smaller classroom sizes and specialized programs. Public & Catholic Schools:

Kingston is home to two English and two French school boards offering Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 classes French education:
  • Éducation en langue française en Ontario: ensuring the success and well-being of its children and students, French-language schools are dedicated to conveying and promoting the French language and Francophone culture.
  • Children whose parents are French-language rights holders are automatically admitted to a French-language school if they submit an application. 
Although, individuals who do not meet the criteria may still submit an application for admission to a French-language school. The application is reviewed by the admission committee at the local school board.

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Special Needs:

If you have children with special needs, it is very important to let the school know right away. Schools have to ask for support in April for next year! Ontario School grade equivalency:
AGE 3 Junior Kindergarten
AGE 4 Kindergarten
AGE 5 Kindergarten
AGE 6 1st Grade
AGE 7 2nd Grade
AGE 8 3rd Grade
AGE 9 4th Grade
AGE 10 5th Grade
AGE 11 6th Grade
AGE 12 7th Grade
AGE 13 8th Grade
AGE 14 9th Grade
AGE 15 10th Grade
AGE 16 11th Grade
AGE 17 12th Grade
AGE 18 College – University
AGE 20 College – University