Deployment, Departures & Reunions

The operational and training requirements of the CAF often result in the absence of CAF members from their families. Taskings can range from weekend training exercises to year-long overseas missions.
Deployment services are designed for families who experience:
  • An absence of 30 days or longer OR
  • Shorter, frequent periods of family separation, including families of Reservists.
We serve all family members who live in Southwestern Ontario, regardless of where the CAF member lives.
Deployment programs and services are available:
  • To spouses, common-law partners, children, parents, siblings and extended family
  • Of all regular force, reserve force, DND Civilian, NPF Employees and civilian contractors
  • Who will be away for service requirements due to missions, taskings, exercises, imposed restriction postings, courses and deployments.
We have specific programs for families of new recruits during basic training.  
Registration for Deployment Services
 CAF members who are deploying for 30 days or more are required to complete a Family Information Form and submit it to the SWOMFRC. We also encourage family members to contact our Deployment Coordinator, Kym Wolfe directly to learn more about deployment services. Email:
For Families with Dependent Children
All families are required to have a Family Care Plan in place. This is particularly important when the CAF member is away from home, including short but frequent periods of family separation.  If you have children up to age of 12, or a special needs dependent of any age, the non-CAF parent can "Take a Break" on us once a month as one form of self-care and deployment management.  
Please contact our Children and Youth Coordinator, Shannon Kisslinger to register or if you require more information. Email: