Parcel Service

Parcel Service Deployment Package Changes

There have been recent changes to the requirements for sending care packages to deployed troops. You are now required to attach a customs declaration to each parcel – the ‘International Parcel Air/Surface’ slip.You can get one at any post office location. We also have them at the LMFRC & Outreach Locations. On the declaration form you will need to list all contents of the package, with weight and $ value for each category of item.

Be sure to check the boxes:
Non-Delivery instructions – A (return at sender’s expense) 
Reason for Export – Gift
FYI: anecdotally, we have found that small parcels (e.g.: shoebox size) tend to travel more quickly than larger packages

Instructions for mailing overseas 

If you require further assistance please call Bev at 519-660-5275 x5027, or by email

In the Hamilton Area please contact OR by phone 905-972-4000 x6623