Second Language Training

Adult Second Language Training

If you are a military family member posted where the community’s primary language is unfamiliar to you Second Language Training (SLT) services are designed to help you integrate into your new surroundings.

By enrolling in an SLT program you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your life skills and improve your resume while increasing your language proficiency in your second language. The SLT standardized curriculum, guidelines and parameters are provided by Military Family Services. For more information, click here.

Study options may include working independently using the online Rosetta Stone program, or attending an SLT classroom program facilitated by your closest Military Family Resource Centre. Contact your MFRC for more details and/or to register.

For further assistance, you may also contact Rosetta Stone at 1-877-223-9848. Select “option 1” to obtain log-in credentials or for best practices, or select “option 2” for technical assistance. You can also send an email to for any technical assistance. Where to Start Within Rosetta Stone Foundations

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